49ers LB Donavin Newsom taken to hospital after scary collision with teammate

It was a scary scene at the 49ers’ practice on Tuesday when rookie linebacker Donavin Newsom went down with a head or neck injury. Newsom was motionless on the field for several minutes. He left the practice field in an ambulance and was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Newsom was injured in a collision with a teammate, safety Chanceller James. The team cut practice short and teammates gathered around him to pray as paramedics attended to Newsom and loaded him into the ambulance.

After practice, head coach Kyle Shanahan shared some good news.

“The encouraging part that I can say, his eyes were open,” Shanahan said. “He did have feeling in his lower half and with his hands, so that’s the encouraging part about it.”

Shanahan said that witnessing an injury like that puts things in perspective.

“Yeah, I’ve seen it a number of times,” Shanahan said. “And I have not been around one that ends up being real serious, you know? But there’s a chance of it every time.”

Newsom was signed by the 49ers as an undrafted free agent out of Missouri.