5 Things you need to know about the new iPhone 8

new iPhone 8


5 Things you need to know about the new iPhone 8


Curtain’s removed,iPhone 8 and 8 plus are all set to make that heart pound faster. The features of the latest product were promulgated in a recent event. Let’s look at some of the features Apple unravelled a couple of days back.

Design improvements

Apple has emerged a clear winner all through when it comes to luxurious designs and this is no different. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus would be available in Silver, Space gray and a new Gold color with new glass back and aluminium sides. The design has greater substance when compared to iPhone 7.


Here comes the moment of truth. An advice though,have patience, let not your hearts gape up to your throats. Go get a MRI scan to escape a shocker. Just kidding, iPhone 8 and 8 plus are not priced higher than previous Models with iPhone 8 starting at a mere $699. The price is bound to fall as the Display Panels from Samsung become available. Pretty cheap? Only if you have a reserved kidney or a friend in final stages.

A11 bionic chipset

Forget the iPhone 7 experience with this new phone. iPjone 8 and 8 plus have A11 bionic chipset that would improve the speed by over 70 percent. Not only this, but the multi-threaded use and Graphical Processing unit are about to improve. That’s some speed to have.


The smartphone has a 12 MP built in sensor in a bid to provide optical image stabalization and brighter pictures. Talking of brightness, Apple has introduced a feature that uses built in algorithms to analyze the brightness round the room and hence adjust the machine’s light to conditions cordial to users choice. iPhone 8 plus will come with a dual camera setup with a f/1.8 and a second telephoto f/2.8 sensor. The update is worthy of capturing 1080p video at 240fps and 4K video at 60fps,hence providing a seamingless experience.

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New wireless technologies

Going by its ‘go wireless trend’, the update not only features Bluetooth 5.0 but a wireless charging system as well. iPhone 8 and 8 plus support the Qi open wireless charging and will work with all existing Qi wireless chargers available in the market.

Despite the updates being significant, there is nothing much to cheer about. Better go for iPhone 7 because ‘iPhone 7S’ at the cost of iPhone 8 is not worth it, unless you gotta get a big hole in your wallet.A must buy for iPhone lovers though. Let’s be honest peeps, iPhone was never about the features, it’s about the luxury the brand carries.

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