A slot machine glitch said she won $43 million. Now she’s suing the casino to get it.

Nearly a year after the fact, a New York woman is suing a casino and a slot machine maker over a massive jackpot that never was.

In August 2016, Katrina Bookman was gambling at Resorts World Casino in Brooklyn, New York. While playing a shot machine, she received a surprise when the machine seemed to indicate that she had won, flashing lights and playing music, according to Courthouse News.

Then the words appeared across the screen: “Printing cash ticket $42,949,672.76”.

That would be the largest jackpot from a slot machine in U.S. history, according to CNN.

But when Bookman attempted to cash out, a casino employee told her the machine had malfunctioned, and that she had actually only won $2.25. She was then offered a steak dinner instead, according to USA Today. She declined both.

News of Bookman’s experience made national headlines when it was uncovered by a local TV station in the fall, and people immediately drew comparisons to a 2015 case when an Iowa grandmother was declined a $42 million payout and given $1.85 instead. Her case was eventually rejected by the Iowa Supreme Court, according to Ars Technica.

In Bookman’s case, Resorts World Casino says that the maximum payout on the machine that day was supposed to be just $6,500, and that it had a disclaimer reading “”Malfunctions void all pays and plays,” per USA Today. The casino also said Bookman printed a winning ticket that showed she had only won $2.25.

Bookman, however, alleges that she never printed a ticket. She also took a selfie with the screen displaying the $43 million figure, according to Courthouse News.

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At the time the story initially received media attention, Bookman’s lawyer, Alan Ripka, said she be at least entitled the maximum payout of $6,500. Now, however, Bookman is suing, and Ripka said they are asking for “at least” the $43 million she thought she won, according to CNN. In addition to the lost wages, her lawsuit also claims Bookman suffered “mental anguish” from the ordeal.

Ripka told CNN that he has attempted to reach an out-of-court settlement with the casino since the incident, but that management refused. So on Wednesday, he filed a lawsuit in Queens County Supreme Court. Bookman is also suing the casino’s parent company and the slot machine company that made the machine she played on.

The casino declined comment to multiple media outlets.