Anderson Cooper tells Sebastian Gorka he will ‘ignore’ his ‘insults’ against the media

CNN host Anderson Cooper told White House aide Sebastian Gorka on Wednesday that he would “ignore” any “insults” he slung at CNN or the media because “I don’t think it gets us anywhere.”

Cooper’s comment came after he introduced Gorka on his show and invited him to comment on reporting that said parts of the White House are in “bunker mode” amid the latest Russia-related controversy, which involves President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., and a meeting he agreed to last year with a Kremlin-linked lawyer promising dirt on Hillary Clinton.

“Oh, absolutely. It’s laughable,” Gorka began. He then remarked on a prior caption on CNN that he said mentioned a “crisis” while CNN’s chief political correspondent Dana Bash spoke “about a bunker mentality.”

“I work in the West Wing. I work in the White House. It is absolutely nothing of the kind,” Gorka said.

Bash had spoken with Cooper just before Gorka’s interview, during which a caption said, “Trump on the way to France amid email controversy.”

Gorka pivoted, saying the Trump administration is focused on the “Make America Great Again” agenda and described Trump as a “steam locomotive that will not be stopped.”

Turning back to the media, Gorka said, “It’s just fake news. I’m sad to see CNN fall to this. I know you want salacious, sensational coverage for your ratings, so your corporate sponsors and owners will have more money.”

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After another “fake news” reference, Cooper interjected to say, “Okay. I’m just going to ignore the insults, because I don’t think it gets us anywhere.”

Gorka replied: “It’s not about you. It’s about actually having journalism back on TV. Where are the Walter Cronkites of yesteryear? This is just about ratings and money. It’s actually quite sad.”

Cooper then moved on with the interview and asked Gorka about Trump’s latest tweet targeting “fake news.”

This isn’t the first time Gorka got into a spat with a reporter. An interview Tuesday with Gorka ended on a petty note when MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle attempted to correct him after he said the Trump administration is “crushing” its objectives.