Angry investors put RBS in the dock

Details of the chief executive’s communications with Hector Sants, who was the head of the FSA, will also be raked over.

Among the numerous controversies thrown up the lawsuit is the revelation that as part of its mounting legal bill, RBS has spent £6.5m paying the legal fees of Goodwin and the other former directors involved in the lawsuit.     

The lender says that “it is normal practice under company law, and a legal obligation for the bank, that directors should be indemnified.

But the fact that a taxpayer-controlled company has provided such financial aid to Goodwin, who left RBS a wealthy man, has infuriated shareholders and politicians.     

Vince Cable, the ex-business secretary has branded the cost of defending the former RBS directors as “shocking”.     

Given there have been question marks about the action group’s ability to fund itself through the trial, there is still speculation the bank could settle with shareholders before the end of the 14 week trial.

But if most of the investors feel like Bradney, it could go the distance. “I’d like to see it go away all the way to the end,” he says.