Are all of the Patriots new acquisitions upgrades from last season?

Yeah. It’s her back baby. Telling him what it’s for all claim that he what is going to play this out maybe it is maybe fifteen depends on traffic. Cook a threat. Are you laughing and police. Have made up let’s all the clocks were off advertise them. The deal is Thomas what’s written tragedy here daddy did very there’s no I don’t just laugh it off that’s good if you’re happy the real thing at the Jetsons that for the next couple both block. Throw another huge crowd I have eight I. I guess people actually. Planned vacation days around patriots training camp rightfully so. Why would you jagr you’re witnessing history there you’re witnessing a team with Butler nineteen and know how they’re pro or go practice what. I thought they hired her so every time but you wanna be a part of that you wanna see that if you can’t start to finish. Yes sir does that look I was in the yard gain more and that was their practice one I was OGA and made a whole story of this. You guys think undefeated season at I’d argue it’s hard to do but of course it’s hard to do it really been done twice so it’s ever been done while no one team did actually. Go the entire management. Yeah they are elderly or people they let him play nineteen mobiles that because of well I hope Mercury and I’ve been asked them direct then I believe I noticed is that that is much. I never happened before in the history of NFL. And you’ve had a lot of teams had some great teams this this is why I don’t think it’s gonna happen. I think they’re great team yes. But there are a lot of great teams that haven’t gone. You know like most of them how most good teams that would have to rule all the teams. That won the Super Bowl trip that. Undefeated dolphins team and quite frankly at dolphins team probably wasn’t even the best championship dolphins. Other than wonder what it’s like to also urged juniors aren’t and how pleased and on the team without nothing to lose the boss’s goals and the Buick ESPN. Asking me a stupid question they do it again. Once again I’m old school but applauded the I don’t know losses on the table so you can’t it was neat apartment just to be protected that the records complete. Stand up both his plane he takes to beat you they’re trying to capture the crew. The church you belong in Canada and I doubt got stuck it out if I guess you go our eagle for Iron Man. America would you be advising LeRoy street vague or maybe can help you out were written a little bit c’mon let you know. Here’s here and I’ll I’ll I’ll make it simpler taken just from my perspective not beacon for each. The patriots won the Super Bowl last year they were the best team or football as last year removed I am I have heard that and I and I think they’ve improved in the offseason. Nick they lost two games last night at. Have improved. Yeah how. ’cause Rob Gronkowski the best tight end who’s ever played except he’s also coming up an injury I’d say oh yeah so you don’t you know you can’t say. The overall position has not improved eating Dwayne Allen is better than Martell has been. I don’t I don’t I I don’t OK but if you I think they have improved at the number two tight end than fine and I think a holy place them I think Warner will get the number one tonight and probably haven’t improved there lightly but they didn’t have one telephone that I was injured a fair chunk of last year to play I don’t. I think there and I told without prompt wreck so maybe you don’t have to do it again without them but maybe get over the there’s a huge upgrade there. And I don’t know I don’t Gilmore we talked about this before and I’m not I’m not just you know trying to patrol this thing. Strong look at it as obviously is at hand maybe it would it feels a little pro British maybe a bit for all this is a prolific at it until they should be. Anybody who disagrees disagrees now is a troll like Nader. We have the courage to tell you like yeah that’s true though Europa and what it is and it’s a huge role Roland you know I think I disagree on. They’re just good that’s it. Gilmore has bigger name than Logan Ryan Logan Ryan at the end of the year was being described as one of the best quarters of football he’s really turn it around it. Logan Brian Logan Ryan was one of the best corners in football last year yes according to watch what what what. Let’s get what match refugees each round one of these things I. Yeah. I think he would ever considered one of the best quarters in the league. Never to the best corner on his team. And that was the best in the league you don’t think Michael BYE Michael all my buying all. You think I don’t know where to go benched at one point in the air. I I. Like our Malcolm never got bad I tell it didn’t hightower got their dogging it better cornerbacks on the day I and our guys back to try to keep the money down all of out of burglar. David Collins you know pitch and then traded. And that’s not a big deal but I I believe in I haven’t looked this up today so if I’m wrong on this out already I’ll stand corrected I’m not trying to full view. But according to pro football focus I thought. And you take it for what it’s worked okay pro football like if I’m gonna give you. As that other kind of remember not already built out of it and I always give you anecdotal evidence and I’ll give you the science you one of both are great so the anecdotal evidences he he he really start to play well in the middle of the season. Was the guy who didn’t struggle. I guess sometimes matchup against number one’s empathy. They switched around and have Malcolm Butler on the twos in and they’re trying to and Ryan with a lot of help on the one an enormous debt. I think you start to play well and he wasn’t a liability and other third quarter last year no matter what the error growers ours Jones. Jonathan Jones the third quarter was a liability to the pro football focus believe. Had guilt or Butler ranked ahead of and excuse me Ryan Ryan and Butler rate had to go more. Got to tell you think you actually might be wrong I looked up pro football focus dot com. And their rankings of the secondary stroke last year and this is what they erode the secondary or the individual I’ll give me okay Devin according finished the 2006 finished 2016. Tiger Woods Denver’s Chris Harris junior for top coverage great out of all cornerbacks and safeties at 91 point five. Malcolm Butler fielded an 88 point five coverage rate making the dual McCord in Butler the only pair of teammates to finish in the top eight. In terms of coverage grade represented white both. PFL all pro selections. This season the patriots also edit Stephon Gilmore. You can stop when they actually get him to the guy did you think is the best reckoned that Nolan and answer nor I had talked about it until they talk about the way drawn Harmon threats when he’s our you start the conversation by saying somebody is one of the best corners in the league and later on think he was a liability. Don’t know if I got out ahead both both things that drew was not a liability he was he was playing well if you’re one of the best corners you would not be so I’m not Pete was playing at a high level whatever we wouldn’t get the ranking system I’m not talking about today we’re grouping the secondaries in the coverage Grey’s again very simple. One through. However many quarters are believed they had a coverage they had a a ranking. And not that they are the be all end all but this is just one metric. I think those are the reds are little silly though is we’ve looked out of in the past where. There’s always a few guys that makes no sense whether there and a few guys that are way lower down Melissa are wouldn’t assume that we’re there show our budget rebate Bill Belichick thinks is better Gil are clearly that’s a validates our contract they gave Gilmore they have only been clearly still clearly things Gilmore it is a better corner from me he probably thinks based on the money game on the things Gilmore out of the book about Illinois which also also should be question that that’s an opinion that. That’s debatable yet yes that’s paying Gilmore he’s the best. Second member of the secondary but I thought when they signed Gilmore we are all waiting for that Butler trade we didn’t want it but we thought those are gonna happen it’s so. I was already committed myself are now do more you’re number one corner. And other well you’re tired you’re number two is not going to be as good. But then thinking that Merrill deal more still going to be here in and partly the AppleTV playing together I just. I still feel that duo is a lot better than Butler and Bryant I think they’ve operated there. I have found Michael sevenths for the bottom pro football focus. Ranked every quarterback from best to worst this season. This came out on us and I see all know take back this was this was 2015 are in 2015. They had Logan Ryan ranked eight. Eight best quarter for apple in 2000 it would I don’t know I’m not grow old an M and by the way did you know Malcolm Butler on their list. In fifty right. I tried hard and I’m I’m I’m at sixty or at least not they are doing it was the result of in 2015. Yes it Josh Norman number one. Tyrant Mathieu number two at Logan Ryan never sixth. You know what is already saved it and and by the way the patriots. I’m only up to 64 they don’t have another name on the list at 64. Yeah it’s the I don’t know but I was I think it is a really difficult position to. To grade but at no I don’t you don’t always love the eye test but I feel like that position and now I don’t we don’t all don’t watch every team guys now why do I do love it because that’s all you guys give me right now and others. Yeah pro football and I want to me no matter if whatsoever footnote Bill Belichick thinks and how much money he’s going to get Gilmore and not give up money to Ryan that that speaks volumes while at. I can also. Easily countered that. Will tell you that Bill Belichick thought that you know is great idea that bring in Albert Haynesworth and check in and trade for trade up for Chad. Yeah give him the money you give him with a mortgage I don’t know choosing between the two quarters he could every son Logan Ryan he could. It easily could be totally wanted so Bill Belichick based on what you just said Bill Belichick thinks that guild wars better than Malcolm Butler to you. That Malcolm Butler that doesn’t necessarily mean that sure that’s good though doesn’t it did have values can I do. There don’t putt poor free agent at the same that was Butler free agent. Was it restricted free agent know wasn’t was Logan Ryan it was the stuff on Gilmore yes and that so you literally get to choose between the two. And he gave Gilmore the highest paid contract in the history of the defensive player of the franchise the. Unbelievable and you are you gonna bring it back to value. How much how much it Logan Bryant’s arm for less than Gilmore right but the three for thirty don’t have someone you can have so you pay one guy twice as much. As the other as the other guy got at least myself or are you think he’s twice as good as a lot of variety. Now I don’t know lobby I met my point is that that you know all manner mr. Logan Ryan they should resign him it’s just we have automatically just that all of the roster moves they have gotten eight pluses and hit an upgrade and upgrade it might be the. I got worse. Yeah worsened and here’s here’s pro football focus. From November of 2016. Of November normal we wouldn’t go to court until they’re sixteen other one that is found on one I keep toll in November yes. Number two Malcolm Butler. Number three Chris Harris junior number four Terence Newman number five Patrick Peterson. Number six Jim Norris Jenkins HA will EA. Casey Hayward Morse Claiborne Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. To Josh Norman. Sean Smith David Anderson where they erode and grinder where’s where’s Brian where Writers Guild wars when I come out with Nico ground though we’re brown of anomalous. They only go through they illegal to 25 guilt and I don’t now the guys in need guys OK and I think I don’t want his number two I think Gillmor was 61 last year. According to them. We don’t know you know we don’t have that number that we. I don’t I don’t I don’t. Yeah I have heard and I got the moment you guys at this I guess we don’t know how. A lot of trying to fight you are evident on his record. I got here all my daughter all right. Donate your guy so the bottom line they’re big Logan Ryan better than Gilmore. Noted saying. It is closely is they’re very close I think he’s slightly better because he was in the system to. I was in the system for a few years had his ups and downs but. He really started to understand what he needed to do and what everybody was going around them. It’s not an insignificant loss and I just I’m surprised at how often we’ve talked about. Okay there’s so much better than last year great team because of what they have they didn’t. It’s not like Tom Brady act it when he turns forty next month is gonna fall apart and that Bill Belichick is gonna lose it they’ve got great personnel. But some of the personnel they’ve brought and we can’t just automatically assume it’s better than stuff that personal with her arms and brain cooks better than whoever you replace yes he has he has an article examining the democratic apparatus gets it and replace anybody and eight added better than anybody they can have picked up in the draft. Easy they traded yes 32 dollar and never found a better than 32. I think the running back situation better you guys probably don’t or eating guy is different while they tell us about the that’s when it it’s deeper right thing. Yeah they got more guys that can use and wait a minute by Italy of that found ordered Google and don’t you go edit last year about the elite. The terror plot death. So the only guy leave and you’re telling me that running back group with deeper all know it’s deeper than got more bodies there I mean Brandon Bolden probably got this team and AJ. Did you ever gonna make this team but I that are the better I better write a group better don’t know yet. If I’d also like jealously I. They should go laughter. Alec ilsley Birkhead and editor James White or maybe even that should profits and a better James White. I don’t let us I believe that’s going to be the case. With more we just wanna. I think you’re gonna see more of James White that agency better James. Yeah and I think James wolf that you might not have a one guy would eighteen touchdowns in fact you won’t but. I think you’ll still get maybe as many rushing touchdown that he wanted to be splitting unambiguously as ten may be white has nine or you figure out a way to do I think I think they’ll still have. The production and their lead back is not gonna average under four yards to carry. But what would guys like guys I wouldn’t say that have kept every other guy don’t average about every other guy averaged more than four yards to carry Christ and I think of the that a. I was so. Out of the shot of the shouted these are those that if we figured out how they do a lot of soldiers from this let’s just let’s just try to put a ball on this okay and tie you down aisles and got along the Gaza. I’m gonna ever gonna get against a relic. Dancer and it totally guessing every day at eight shop and they are better than they were last year. I don’t think they’re better than they were last year better than they were faster and they’re better it could be the same as they were masters to win the Super Bowl is what I’m saying. Not like typical ninety you know. Well no I Menem now that it’s now you’re on the record I’m now yes back going ninety you know think they improved this offseason because virtually everything I’ve read. Said the patriots everything you read dale and I and I and I read a lot of I don’t eat a lot go I can read your book so I mean I’ve read a lot. There and virtually everything I’ve read said the patriots were one of the most improved teams in this offseason most improved. The team they had terms of what they tell Brady bill most I mean that’s what scares every product they were. Active that they are extremely extremely active and there are some projection involved. We agree on at least share. The bears. You’re you’re projecting that Birkhead can continue what he did in Cincinnati and that projecting spending cuts but I feel pretty good about what is critical is not a heat if that’s a stretch Redick looks. It is a legitimate deep throw he’s a fast guys unless he just suddenly gets low overnight. Don’t really have to project with him but I think you do have to project with Birkhead. It’s he would be if he can be whatever they plan to use them as a more of a full time guy. And he didn’t Cincinnati can he do that jealously averaged five point seven yards per carry. But he didn’t have many carries he was a first down machine can he do that. Here if they ask a little bit more of him. Tony Heatley he’s available because Carolina body was inconsistent if he. Gotta be able to adjust to the system and be that guy who was a piece in the Super Bowl mean there are some questions. Gilmore will he be able to live up to the contract. People of buffalo today that he got beat a lot and he you know we have we saw that great video where he’s getting beat by its former teammate Chris Hogan he’s looking back. At the state to get me. So these are that won’t happen here these are projections. That’s all I’m saying it’s of very good team we don’t know if they are. 25% better than they were last year it might test and they are better area it you know. They are at all if there are 25% better than they were last year 20% in January last year. Then you might you you’ll probably be right with your undefeated predictions and I think that’s a lot though Tom Brady lost one game last year. And I think the team’s better this year. And all the language that next best team to they would be looking at undefeated now I know you probably as good point before it doesn’t always mean the second best team. Is that team that beats you rightly or we’ve seen it when they’ve lost the browns lose him when they lost the bad teams the bills lose the news that before. I look around if there if they’ve improved or if you wanna say they stayed the same change some of the players out. Those next teams in the league how many of them really got better outcome of the Philippines all right that. Just if you just because the car than some of the moves that made him I look at it and I say if all these core NFL experts say that’s the patriots have the best. Off season. So that’s it does either or they do it in the draft or they do in free agency and if they didn’t really improve and I don’t know the teams that need to do they more than. Improve but that they improved to the point where yet they were already behind the patriots last year solicit the patriots go up. Two notches and those teams go up five notches but you’re still behind you were significantly behind a patriot I Kansas City is Kansas City to like improve probably. You know get a quarterback move up and drafted a quarterback in uncle used to and who who knows what they’re not. They’re not they are similar to they’re capable of knocking off the threat to anyone team that is now the patriots level. But is capable of beating them in the regular season and that’s as late in the season with a game thirteen of fourteen bit go to Pittsburgh. So. You say yeah. You always think Pittsburgh the team that they’ll do it regularly as an irregular IUD playoffs has to do to join al-Qaeda now effort not operated differently got an update regularly ever gonna ever. But debate when the patriots 121 game winning streak before back in the day. It ended and Halloween and in Pittsburgh. So get a minute capable of playing competitive games against the patriots and sometimes beat them. Now to a man everybody in this organization. You know leave that leave that stuff what the hell out of here they don’t want talk about it that want to think about it nor should that. I have no problems with a mauled. You know putting the kibosh on any discussion like that based exactly how they should him there aren’t right in hiding Matthew Slater is coming yesterday mistress what we we haven’t even had a competitive. Practice he says disrespectful to our opponents I’ll stop with the patriots stuff. Stop what they’re stuck with your regal gentlemanly game we know it we know what your great individual. Belts exit yesterday they’re just open up a good day. Afghanistan had opened our fifth hole and to have a good meeting those is all right Greg doesn’t think it’s not everybody got the stadium but the other the only thing. Start Avago surprised obviously. But he easily answered yesterday this. Just before we get about Belichick and his non answer is that we talked about it a little bit yesterday. What if things. He gave you some to give you accidental insight now that he’s trying to you you definitely trying to decide. Is that lets you know how he thinks somebody asked him yesterday. Defeat good. If they could training camp well conditioned training camp is the key to the regular season. Since his start here so I think to note. Where does start. Aussie. OTs. So this even in the weight program for them the other hand is the public opening. But it but let’s not let you should not an opening. For these guys and they’ve been doing this since the spring so this is just. Now everybody is running and say football season started but he thinks football season started months ago. And he said we got a late start. He hates the late starlets are the reason why you have the late start drove 6177797937. This telephone number. A we’re down here to let stadium. Today’s sponsors of our programming down here prime motor group the city of Boston credit union and no risk painting. Where around thrilled to be down here and we’ll we’ll talk some football today obviously it will talks baseball with you guys as well Sox are off today. Back at Fenway tomorrow thank god for Chris Sale. Chris L won the first game of the road trip the last game of the road trip and everything in between was not good. A double talk about baseball as we go along as well 6177797937. Gala Hollywood keep flight to let Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. Well it’s goes weird zone players that are better about it new players that’ll be competing with the so zone holes and but you know what. What people have done some multi year that is indeed the coach and player anybody else. Meaningless route to thousands of the season. Suited up this year we at all. Companies donate your so so those. Somebody’s in midseason form. Somebody does not need no stinking training camp to get back. Play off performance levels you get the sense he’s ready year round. I love the philosophy to which it mastered that back to the matter at all. And so and so I know that whether it’s may have of that me or anyone else. Certain for a. We’re trying to do this exercise and remember we talked about Tom Brady now vs Tom Brady you know seven who was better. And it’s a good argument in me. You really can’t go wrong if you say that current Tom Brady is better than he was no 750 touchdown passes hardest at a normal educate you can make your case for Brady now I’d go radio seven. And that’s not a slight to Brady now seventeen. But if he try to figure out who’s a better coach now. 07 Belichick. Or seventeen Belichick. It’s also difficult. 807 Belichick at that point so they look and it was true giants in the Super Bowl. What is that a second or third playoff loss as the third playoff loss of his career where he affected it yet and yet edit comes at the end of what you’re you’re eighteen you know going into the game and you get a loss on the and you. You’ve already won three championships in four years really if you look at those two guys. 07 and beyond their own weight to the present those are two distinct hall of fame careers. In this yet right they are okay thank god yeah right exact and he’s got if you split up its career with alzheimer’s all the things worse. Additional coaches look at players it’s it’s obvious you know all just physically breakdowns that what makes the coach. Kinda lose it in a great coach. Yes some just never happened what a great coach is usually those guys that don’t really adapt as an adult articulate guy who doesn’t but you know he will make changes so he’s not gonna lose that analysts works for me you know what it would the giants’ defense rookie program run it again or not gonna change. Number all the 34 hours before three debates right to take off time. The care that it now edit edit edit edit half brother the play defense now. I leave it seems most teams don’t even think that way anymore. Don’t think well. Doesn’t fit our system you know 43 yeah they did the best player eight and best player and you know OK to start the game like that that’s cute. We’re all very for the announcers and you know I shall all the players paid. Of doctor hightower Alabama. There are those over the whole list a nation that was sort of their linebackers okay that’s great but then halfway through the game an idea of sort of those guys aren’t they gave the guys you named and yet your starters aren’t even up. It at six different guys in the secondary most of the time up you throw are always different defenses. But so for a coach who is willing to adapt I’ve noticed the more experience they have brought the better they are. That it wanted its route they’d radio seven slightly better it’s free knee injury I take him yet. Coach they had to get that ball tech companies have that many more games under his belt now is even more knowledge. We think back I’m assuming it’s Belichick 2016 and anything as we are hard hasn’t done anything yet this year. He’s the heart of about his starting quarterback for four games since he played his second and third string quarterbacks as starters. I lost one game. Yeah add to that I’m I’m taken Belichick instead. Others incorporate Jacoby person but as a president as dream about back wrinkles with the next guy Bruce. They’ve got him in there what did you and dream. Did you did you hungry they’ll cover right here yes amazing yes of me color Gregor told to stay in school. But the other that their alternative Hagan there’s they’ve so. I let’s get to the calls that you guys 6177797937. Eli is in north. A line. Eli or is it or they’re I don’t demand. Let’s. I listen I don’t know I like I haven’t heard it involved more than nineteen at all. What about ask own principles all that’s another diners. It is pregnant like as I look at our. Why when it but the line to have two separate things you know are now. Legendary. It’s as if I’m not only would you have to three out of four hours at different parts of the Belichick Brady era. You have to separate back to back Super Bowl championships. Which just doesn’t happen too but the patriots. This if anybody winning back to back out of the house passes the pages of us and darted do and that’s one where the only time I have heard that discussion like though they win three out of four. It is when people brought out reasons potentially what Brady might not play to his 45. The best one they got Revver which at all all the different theories on and one was. Well he wins again it’s three had a forces can start and end his career with three out of four how do you really isn’t in the nineteen NL also another thing no more way to go from there you can’t be better than that so that would be the time ago. The the narrative I heard today out here practice down here objected to let statements. He looks to end. He’s into that he ease ease ease to slight piece too skinny now sort of much overweight sports writer. Yeah that’s I guess of all it’s a Tommy cut on the current rate at in I mean I’ll like I guess is they would you don’t look it up. Guys that blow away. Is it possible to be like yeah of course it’s possible to be too slight nick Casey Fossum. Well let’s think about in the NFL yes I’ll offer. I mean if you don’t think that. That you’ll be able to stand up to the rigors of you know an aggressive pass rush it’s bizarre though because you look at Rob Gronkowski you’d say that’s the one of the strongest guys in the league and like that the NFL body you’re gonna create a tight ended Madden you’d be like rock. And he finds a way to get hurt almost every single year in and and Brady meanwhile has never been a guy. Who looks like a statue or anything like that and he’s avoided injuries all the once he’s Aurora or at least injuries are gonna keep them out. And the same thing was said last year of the guys earlier remember. Shaughnessy saying about Tom Brady he’s and maybe this sounds to parental but he doesn’t look well. Should he should eat more or something like that. And he. He did just fine that you use good body as pretty good yeah they’d give it a good. Bill Belichick line and talented quarterbacks in of Barack. It really glad that our quarterback guys record conjure up if you’re sitting at work right now listening to us and we appreciate you or Houston at home and and you got your computer handy. Which it Google’s machine. In just type in on the search bar note board owner of the jets. It’s not a songwriter. How it is pretty funny sometimes I don’t know according little little he has according to it but you know what you can make an argument he has the inflation use bing because you know people must around like you people messing around like that that’s misleading sum you’ll maybe some guys in the book report he goes and suddenly there’s the owner of the debt in July I’ll break you do a book report a double life forever schooled tells us everything you know that summer slide how many Summers that you have to go to that event and bill. Sidewalk sports. It’s art but as PO RT can also affect jobs that was a great job valued on. Hey I guess they’re on loan. Eight so Michael are normally agree with you you know not accept the but with all this is what I’ve been a great quote quarterback I just I can’t agree with Pierre. I don’t think he’s a great quarterback nobody played I thought he played great. For long stretches last year especially dogs. And I disagree I think that was passed by our defense playing great so I look at look at crime as I was on old. Any big play that. Let alone play. Michael I don’t owe him policies and call on its way to go to our family and appalled and well OK Mandela’s. There is not declared. Yeah put Ellis Hobbs. Hatred. Other hateful man’s job that’s where you are I know who are at. Not at all within the network according. Well what we did as we did according fifteen yard cushion and the Baptist safety and all of zone is right there at the plate. Logan Ryan isn’t it great cover Quantico you always get beat if you look at the majority of as an acceptance. It’s from under thrown ball and garbage time the games with a quarterbacks try to force today. And I don’t really played organized football last year I gotta save conflict that music is best quarterback ever seen absolutely not but. Are just one of the best quarterbacks in the league I think love is money that you mention listen you can’t find magically you can’t find pro football that we don’t know like I know I I don’t need though I know it’s a tough I don’t itself website is kind of obscure. Pro football focus goes call of college where they’ll have nobody owns it. All about it. It’s math but the fact that yet great. The safety team we have multiple ones yet we’ll crank up from the three what Jack you’ll. I’ll tell you ever really well let’s go to parliament and no place Saturday and there are. On Islam and John have a nice no doubt he definitely wants him gone now nice way. John. I don’t think he I don’t since you really mean that and try to take down all nice day thing is they don’t realize I I went out sometime basket and this happens that one time. Where he takes down Logan Ryan in in one call there he tried to please. Call that I think it’s chancellor. Of truth in there earlier on in there. Keep doing its ventriloquist act on him well I did see your lips move but I heard the voice coming out of my marry up 6177797937. Is telephone number. We’re down here to let stadium it’s not a patriots Monday or patriots Friday it’s a Thursday. But there will not be. A lack of football again in New England until probably February the what does it fourth is the Super Bowl this year. So like February 12 yes. Some like death will be here a lot. You know I love this commute 56177797937. Sports Radio W media. It would love them all the guys that are you know we’ve never goes before that we had dipped into the splint on it video. Old. You know it out of its spring had gone through probably 75% or installation. Have been through a number of practices and our training program so so. It’s time to get up there training camp rookies veterans and players or others all signed false there and start planning coaching people want to do. David Harris said he he feels like a student again. Because he’s got try to get a crash course in the patriots playbook that’s Bill Belichick. Talking about in about 75% of the offense and defense has been installed through the courses OT gays and all of that. And I’ll be curious to see what happened by the way I got to give credit where credit is due. Antonio Brown wins. Again he just rolled up for the first day of training camp for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In a Burgundy chauffeur driven 1931. Rolls Royce phantom. I showed I showed Michael the picture and honest to god at first I thought they Photoshop this thing it was that may cause it is too cool to be true. But it’s the real deal and driving that thing he golfer he got some guys some chauffeur to drive it. Sounds like he’s right he wanted to guys that writing and should be finding us all about the team’s not about me did I know I’ve serve and I don’t last year was although we live we thought I would live there aren’t quite hopes of course whose lives there. What’s the reason to be alive very. Yeah out of the unit changed novelty ones he dated a physical you know in the locker room. Although and of of that against that necessarily I just don’t be able to see it in a really pay the consequences. You know Mike Tomlin was talking to himself as what he did. There are a lot of players look you’ve got the inflection point guard if I went brilliantly at an ethical questions. Let me start screaming I understand your question I respected. OK okay. Expose your backe got dizzy mentally I’m gonna. Effective and I’ll get. Back to the calls bites it now north Providence they might played on. Hi guys yes I’m on call with regards the he is a teacher at all our this year. I think that they bury locket and the that’s often in the history in the NFL and the coast. Did that Iran basically a version of the offensive rant after crock injury last year with clock on the field. See the thing is this. For years around here since 2 o’clock remember when he Elena got hurt he often got a lot worse. Not last year because they’ve finally actually had a couple guys on the on the heels that could scratch the script with the front. And they article much more vertical lakers’ after the injury. And I think beauty the only kind of get into a rhythm Leo I call would do this as we we like so it ought to be shortened and mid level passes. And that’s all but they did and then after gras got hurt and they started going down via logistic uphold it in the AFC championship game just won’t stand. Pittsburgh now on the field it’s all we can do that hey wait a second topic still wrote on the field you know. Let’s double down on that let’s focus Cox a guy who could run the underneath routes also look down the field and walk and run that often. And respect these guys now with clock out there. If Kennedy you’ve got to go play it should be exciting. To watch your view if you think about health and healthy ground in that makes a big difference because he got a healthy ground. You get cattlemen there and you still talking about Mitchell and some of the guys who were here last year okay. We know what with what those guys to do and you gonna have to especially with Brock and Adam and you have to make a decision. Are you gonna focus on those guys that are neat. Or. He’s got to deal with this guy cooks. Who could just let me just he’s just a fast guy it’s faster than 95%. Of the leak. So. Take your pick. You gonna do about it cheers o’clock he got he got cooks the bill cook’s got all the Saturday is that one of the biggest cheers of training camp today was a yeah about a forty yard hookup from. Brady to Cox. And and you know what you were saying about speed factory just looked like he blew by everybody in the secondary simple. And you know I guess the question Fred for those. You know Brady cynics out there there are some scary out. He’s not going to be able throw the ball far enough catch up with cooks he found a way to catch up to Randy Moss on a 25 touchdown passes I think you’ll probably find a way. And is actually is is he passing has. It’s gotten better in the last few years. As far as. Brady and his Asia that I would recommend this for anybody. Talk it is hypothetical aka. Because you know you should be lying about a rate but it if Brady told people I’m 34. As you know what we found out. It’s a mistake of our first have to have actually 34 years old would you believe him sure it would no big. Analysts had youths sixteen and his rookie in a pill bottle them up. Beat you virtually long that’s why it looks so good at the age of 33. Words there and let let. Yeah really Ortiz and a focus our pockets birthdays coming in he’s gonna fall apart he looks like. A guy in his. Mid early to mid thirty. But I guess it’s an is that what they’ve been saying in not just like the Max Kellerman split everybody’s been saying is when these great quarterbacks. They’re great at that they’re not in very very few times is that here’s a whole season of decent play. Well you go from being an a plus quarterback to have a B plus Tennessee plus before ultimately can’t play more like there’s usually much much quicker. Downfall in Houston injury to involved that I think that’s a good point I think it gives you always wrapped Peyton Manning is there will. What happened to his body and all the surgeries that he had his very different than when. There won’t break. I’m John I think inept and maybe there is an example I think one where. In football I can think. Actually can’t think of one of baseball. That’s a local example spoken to a trivia contest who. But in football I think to a guy who was great one year to date. 1999 season is unbelievable one of the best players football and next year can’t play and then a year after he’s out of football. For no reason no injuries he’s just a great player one year. While many states this is an example I would say it was a great player and I still I think that this season was kind of overrated but Matt Cassel had one you would chiefs where. They use the probe alternate route network but like it is touch an interception ratio is really good. That the team that won some games Zia ether for bunch of yards again I would never say great right but if you just look at the stat line. You’d be surprised he was just move early yet or use them. Back up a third of our guys like that word have one good year I’ve had a great year and you know and I agree. And they use it proved to me in next year and making it and that’s it and that’s who they are my cabinet Fitzpatrick. Yeah I did another one I earlier at all jets have to bring it back they bring about it this is not like hundred interceptions and one game. And baseball in the example in that race. Except we we think we know what the problem well so we didn’t at the top no we didn’t it’s time. Where easily it wanted year notes at but he was a great player of all worked on a hall of fame player who won here. He’s great. In the next year. This all by it to happen but yet but he had budgeted years though yeah I’m pumped about going right don’t want a guy who’s having a really good about run on them are great players like that hall of fame player out. That Joseph Montana pay. Manning Tom Brady that there’s a reason for all of those guys drop in capital to suddenly. Wake up and follow the clip in the case of a Joseph Montana he had some surgery. Get some injuries and yet Ron Amadon behind him and it was just OK fine. You’re you’re going somewhere else and it just certainly. Falloff he actually hit his level went down but he went from shifts to Kansas City to. I mean I think that an attack on that went to a different coach he’s playing for a what is innovators in the game and Bill Walsh. To a elevator in another sense with Marty Schottenheimer but I have to. Let off when that book coming bad guys to right now. It just me gave it to another author. When we come back you’ll you’ll find this hard to believe but there seems to be disagreement. At our all all I bought this whole hour all no way I feel like an for a couple of crowd out here this that would Rambis who guy’s story disagree with each out loud it. We’ll tell you about it when we come back Daylon Hollywood keep live at Gillette Stadium Sports Radio WB.

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