‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Recap: Kristina Goes After Danielle L

There’s been plenty of trouble brewing on Bachelor in Paradise. The Monday, September 4, episode of the reality show opened with Dean caught in a love triangle with Danielle L and Kristina. Robby explained to Dean that both he and Kristina had watched Dean all over Danielle L in the pool the night before. “[Kristina] was bawling her eyes out,” Robby reported to Dean. “It’s all on me for just being a moron,” Dean said to the camera. “And it’s getting me in trouble, left and right.”

Kristina Cries to Dean

Dean talked it out with Kristina. He guessed that she was mad that he was “chicken fighting” with Danielle L. She said chicken fighting was not what she saw. “That was so disrespectful to me,” she said to him. “I do not deserve that.” Dean said that he hadn’t figured out what he wanted just yet. That was pretty obvious to Kristina, but she wasn’t into the idea of waiting around while he came to a decision. “You have no idea how much it stung,” she said through tears. Then she kissed him on the cheek and pretty much took off. Message received.

Meanwhile, yearning for a romantic connection, Jasmine hooked up with Jonathan (aka Tickle Monster) in the pool. She insisted it was really great because he tickled her stomach while they kissed.

Blake Arrives With a Date Card – and so Does Fred

Blake arrived feeling like king of the castle because he had a date card. He then started making the rounds complaining about Lucas (aka Whaboom). Danielle L told him point-blank that she would turn him down if he asked her on a date. Kristina spoke to him to be nice, but she didn’t seem very into him. Later, when he asked her to go on a date, she said no.

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Next up, Freddy arrived. Within two minutes Dominique agreed to go on a date with him, leaving Blake feeling not so great. Sensing things were getting dire, he asked out Christen, who first demanded to know that he’d already asked Kristina. Despite that awkward moment, Christen agreed. Jack Stone wasn’t so happy about that.

Jack Stone Is a Bad Kisser — Not

Apparently, Jack Stone is a terrible kisser. Dean reasoned that Jack was a 30-year-old man who needed to know if he was really that bad. Jasmine and Raven decided to test him out, but he refused – at least, he refused until after they had some shots. “Jack is a great kisser!” Jasmine declared. That got Danielle L wondering, so she took him for a test drive, too. “Yeah, Jack’s a good kisser,” she confirmed to the camera. Next up was Raven. “Everyone just wanted to kiss him,” Danielle L said. “He had the best day of his life.”

Meanwhile, Christen was not having as much fun on her double date with Blake, Dominique and Fred. After getting seasick and getting a gallon of saltwater in her eyes, she lost her contact in the ocean. “She is miserable,” Dominique said. “But I’m having a really great time on this date!”

Robby and Amanda Take It to the Next Level

Robby landed a date card and promptly asked Amanda to join him. During their date, he told her that he was falling hard in a way that he hadn’t fallen before. “I want to move forward with her as fast as possible,” he said. She seemed smitten as they headed into the rose ceremony (which was happening sooner than expected).

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Before the ceremony, however, Ben decided to bow out. He really missed his dog. Somehow this made Diggy more determined than ever to try to make a romantic connection with Dominique.

Scallop Fingers or Bust

Before the rose ceremony, Christen found out that her nickname was Scallop Fingers. Blake didn’t care about her nickname at all. He just wanted her rose. Blake promptly made out with her – but soon after Tickle Monster made his pitch. It also involved kissing.

Dean Makes His Choice

Meanwhile, Dean assured Danielle L that he was going to officially end things with Kristina because he wanted to pursue a relationship with her. “I know what’s best for me. I know what would make me happiest, is to pursue D-Lo,” he said. Kristina pointed out that Danielle L had been making out with Jack Stone just hours before.

Kristina then went after Danielle L. Raven urged her not to blame Danielle, but Kristina wasn’t having it. Wells then asked Kristina why she was fighting for someone who wasn’t fighting for her.

Rose Ceremony

The ladies were handing out the roses tonight. Lacey was up first and gave her rose to Daniel. Taylor gave hers to Derek – no surprise there. Amanda gave her rose to Robby. Dominique gave her rose to Diggy, much to Fred’s dismay. Jasmine gave her rose to Jonathan. Christen gave her rose to Jack Stone. (Sorry, Blake!) Kristina was next and used her moment to announce that she would not be giving out her rose and was leaving instead. Dean walked her out and they exchanged a hug before she left. Danielle L finished out the night by giving her rose to Dean.

Tell Us: Do you think Dean made the right choice?

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