Bank Services Disrupted in Kabul in Wake of Recent Attacks

A number of residents in Kabul on Sunday blasted banks in Kabul for shutting their doors and running out of cash in the wake of last week’s deadly bombings and heightened security threats.

Kabul residents said the Central Bank of Afghanistan should have had contingency plans in place and should not have allowed cash machines to run out of money.

According to sources, the recent bombings and the closure of roads has led to a disruption in banking services in the capital. 

“There are a lot of problems, whenever we consult a bank branch, there is no cash, we cannot go to main branch because roads are blocked,” said a resident of Kabul Sami-ul-Haq.

“We cannot get our salaries, if the central bank closely monitored the issue, this would not have happened; we are faced with a lot of problems,” said governor employee Abdul Khalil.

TOLOnews tried to get comment from the central bank, but failed.

Meanwhile, the Banking Union has also confirmed that routine bank services had been disrupted in the city following recent attacks and road closures.

“The banks are providing services, but the government has imposed some restrictions due recent protests and this has led to some deficiencies,” said Najibullah Amiri, CEO of Bank Union.

The Bank Association has said that Wednesday’s bombing in Zanbaq square incurred financial losses to some banks.