Blue skies with chance of dark: US West readies for eclipse

With just hours to go before a total solar eclipse would reach the Oregon coast, people were streaming into the fairgrounds in Salem, Oregon to view the spectacle on Monday morning.

The sound of Taiko drummers, part of a pre-eclipse show at the fairgrounds, filled the air. Less than 50 miles north in Portland, Oregon, eclipse experts, contest winners, an astronaut and members of the media were boarding an Alaska Airlines charter flight, about to fly two hours southwest in order to intercept the eclipse about 10 a.m. PDT.

Meanwhile thousands of eclipse tourists were gathered in the tiny town of Weiser, Idaho. Among them was Agnese Zalcmane who traveled to the western United States from Latvia so she could be in the zone of totality, watching as the moon’s shadow completely covers the sun.

Blue skies were forecast across much the Pacific Northwest.


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