Britain’s Channel 4 Picks Up Rights to ‘Young Sheldon’

Channel 4 has scooped the U.K. rights to “Young Sheldon” and will air “The Big Bang Theory” prequel on its E4 channel.

The spinoff series has just launched on CBS in the U.S. and follows 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper, one of the central figures in “The Big Bang Theory,” which is one of the most popular American TV shows internationally.

E4 also has “The Big Bang Theory,” which is one of its top performers. Season 10 was its biggest show of the year, doubling the average viewing share in its slot on the digital channel.

“Young Sheldon,” will launch in Britain in 2018. The 13-part series stars Ian Armitage as the titular young incarnation of Sheldon, and Jim Armitage, who plays the grown-up Sheldon, narrates the series and is also an executive producer.

In its review of the series opener, Variety said that “Young Sheldon” didn’t quite gel, but added that “the premise and a few performances are interesting enough to give the show some time to find its way.”

“Young Sheldon” is created by Chuck Lorre & Steven Molaro, and the first episode was directed and executive produced by Jon Favreau. Warner Bros. produces and distributes  “Young Sheldon” and struck the U.K. deal.