Caustic Beer Burns Man’s Organs, Court Asks Restaurant & Cleaning Company to Pay USD 750000 as Compensation

A New Jersey man burnt his esophagus and stomach severely after being served a beer tainted by a caustic chemical at an Atlantic City casino restaurant. The man who had his organs burned by the caustic beer will now be awarded USD 750000 as compensation according to the court ruling. A jury confirmed that Richard Washart will be paid USD 100000 for emotional distress and USD 650000 for the pain and suffering of having severe burns in his organs. Delhi Man Drinks Liquid Nitrogen to Get High, Ends Up With Hole in Stomach Instead!

The incident took place at a McCormick & Schmick’s restaurant at Harrah’s casino back in 2012 and Washhart sued the restaurant for the distress that was caused. However, McCormick & Schmick’s blamed its beer lines cleaner, Kramer Beverage Co., of Hammonton who was responsible for cleaning the pipes. The beer that Washart consumed was tainted with a caustic agent that is normally used to clean the beer tap lines. Pune Man Drinks Liquid Nitrogen and Gets Six Inch Tear in Stomach! Doctors Highlight the Risk of Mixing Alcohol with Nitrogen.

The cleaning company, that was not named by the victim in the case, has denied being at the restaurant when the incident took place. However, the jury has asked both the restaurant and the cleaning company to share the compensation amount and pay Washart for the unfortunate and traumatising event. Washart, who was a former Ocean City police lieutenant had taken a sip of the beer and immediately felt intense burning. He then began to vomit blood and was rushed to the hospital back in 2012.

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Houston-based Landry’s Inc, the restaurant’s parent company has denied doing anything wrong and plans on appealing the ruling. “The trial evidence simply does not support the verdict against McCormick & Schmick’s,” said Steve Scheinthal, general counsel for Landry’s and blamed the cleaning company completely for the accident.