Central New York’s weather cools again as kids head back to school

Syracuse- The weather this week in Central New York will start out with a last gasp of summer on Labor Day but will quickly return to cool, showery weather as teachers and students head back to school.

Monday will play the unofficial role of the end of summer perfectly. Skies are sunny across Central New York this morning. Combined with a blustery southwest wind, the bright sunshine should help temperatures quickly warm through the 70s and into the low 80s this afternoon.

Some wispy cirrus clouds and puffy fair weather cumulus clouds are expected, but no precipitation will move into Central New York until well after sunset tonight as a cold front approaches the region.

A couple scattered showers and storms will start to appear this evening, but the best chance for rain will come after midnight. By the time this rain arrives, any thunderstorms should have diminished with just scattered showers expected.

A cold front Monday night will send temperatures back into the 60s with a daily chance for rain showers the remainder of the week. 

The front will slow down as it presses into Central New York, so showers will persist through much of Tuesday morning and possibly into Tuesday afternoon. A little sun may be possible before the day closes out as the front pushes east.

Central New York will be on the cool side of the front for most of Tuesday. With the clouds and showers, temperatures will spend most of the day in the 60s. The clearing late in the afternoon may be enough to briefly boost temperatures into the low 70s.

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Another cold Canadian air mass will settle southeast into Central New York as the front only slowly progresses eastward during the middle of the week. The nearby front, cold air aloft, and presence of low pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere will keep showers in the forecast.

Most of the showers from Wednesday through Friday will occur during the afternoon hours and will be of the scattered, pop-up variety. Showers will diminish as the daytime heating is lost, but will likely linger near the Great Lakes thanks to some lake enhancement.

Temperatures will remain cool, with highs in the upper 60s on Wednesday with mid 60s on Thursday and Friday.

Clouds during the nighttime hours should keep temperatures mostly in the 50s overnight.