Daniel Bryan Teases a Return to Ring of Honor After His WWE Contract Expires

In February of last year, Daniel Bryan made the decision to retire in his home state of Seattle, Washington. However, it doesn’t look like the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is planning on staying retired.

Bryan, who is 36, retired due to a concussion issue, after trying to get cleared for nearly a year. But, WWE’s head of medical Dr. Joseph Maroon refused to clear Bryan, as he believed that the current SmackDown GM had suffered too many concussions throughout his pro wrestling career.

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Bryan teased a return to the ring by simply saying “I’m working on it” when asked if he’ll wrestle again. At this point, it’s pretty safe to assume that he will wrestle again, but the question is, will it be in WWE? And we’ll probably have to wait until late next year to find out the answer.

If WWE doesn’t allow Bryan to wrestle again, he’ll likely end up in one of two places: Ring of Honor, or New Japan Pro Wrestling, and on Saturday, he teased a return to the former by tweeting at the new ROH Champion Cody Rhodes.

Rumor has it that Daniel Bryan recently underwent a series of more tests, and the results ended up being pretty positive, which is probably why he keeps suggesting that he’s going to wrestle again.

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If Bryan were to wrestle again in WWE, he’d have to get cleared by Dr. Joseph Maroon, that is unless WWE wants to go against the advice of their head of medical, which wouldn’t make them look very good.

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