Eclipse 2017: How to take quality photos of the moment

Here’s how to get the best pic for the big day

KUSA – By now you’ve probably heard something epic is going to happen on August 21. 

A total solar eclipse will be visible from coast to coast. It will be the first total eclipse visible only in the USA since the country’s founding in 1776. It’s definitely an event you’ll want to photograph to have the memories forever.

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Nature photographer Dan Whittaker shared tips on how best to photograph the eclipse even without an expensive camera.

“Photographing the solar eclipse coming up is going to bring some challenges for your average camera and your average person, but [it’s] nothing that can’t be overcome,” Whittaker said. 

First thing: Protect your eyes. As a disclaimer – you should never stare into the sun. Whittaker says there are many different styles of solar glasses. 

It’s not only important to protect your eyes, but protect your gear as well.

Photographing the eclipse with your smartphone 

Apple or Android – you can make it work.

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You will need to buy a telephoto lens for your smartphone and yes, a solar filter.

Tips to make a cool video during the eclipse

Use your phone or camera and record the reactions of the people who are watching it, so you’ll be able to see the shadow of the moon coming over the sun.

The light will change pretty drastically as the eclipse happens. 

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Don’t forget reaction shots. These include your family and friends watching the eclipse, seeing the reflection of the eclipse. 

Shooting the eclipse with your DSLR

If you don’t own a DSLR camera, that’s no problem. Renting is always an option. Make sure you’ve got a camera, lens and tripod.

You’ll also need a solar filter for your lens to avoid burning the sensor. You can find them online for under $100

Whittaker says touching the camera might cause enough shake to blur the image, so a camera remote would be helpful. 

Happy shooting! 

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