Eclipse safety tips for smartphone photography | Local News

Eclipse safety tips for smartphone photography | Local News |

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A solar eclipse.


BLOOMINGTON — As the moon slips over the sun Monday afternoon, anyone with a smartphone may be tempted to snap a picture.

While the bright light likely won’t hurt the phone camera, according to NASA, you can damage your eyes even while lining up a shot.

Average smartphone lenses are small, allowing less light to hit the sensor. Most phones include a UV filter to cut down excess light.

NASA said there is a chance that camera sensors on newer phones could be damaged, but Apple has stated iPhones cannot be harmed by eclipse photography.

Wearing solar filter glasses to protect yourself and placing a pair over the camera lens is recommended during the eclipse to prevent washed-out photos.

In Bloomington-Normal, just 93 percent of the sun will be covered, meaning solar glasses should be worn during the entire event.

Unless taken with a digital camera or with a special smartphone lens attachment, most eclipse photos will turn out small or pixelated anyway, especially after using digital zoom, said NASA.

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