Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition Repackages The Game In A Much Different, Cuter Form

If you’re tired of being tethered to your console while playing Final Fantasy XV, you’ll soon have a new way to experience the game on the go. Square Enix today announced Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, a mobile adaptation of the RPG.

Pocket Edition is an “all-new adventure that retells the beloved story of Final Fantasy XV,” Square Enix said in a press release. The characters and story from the existing version of the game are carried over but with some key adjustments made to other areas of the game. Most obviously, it gets a makeover to provide the game with a cute, chibi-esque art style.

Gameplay has also changed to what looks almost like an isometric action RPG, with “casual touch controls optimized for mobile devices.” The video above shows off Pocket Edition’s recreation of the early scene where Noctis and company have to push the Regalia to a garage after it breaks down. Later, it shows off what navigating the world and combat look like–and we also see that Ignis is still happy to cook the gang a meal.

Pocket Edition will split Final Fantasy XV’s main story into ten separate episodes. These will all be available at the same time later this year, with Episode 1 being a free download.

While Pocket Edition’s reveal may come as a surprise, Square Enix also had some more expected news to share this week. Final Fantasy XV is officially coming to PC and is due out next year.