Floyd Mayweather Swarmed at NYC Bank, Insane Video

Floyd Mayweather

Swarmed at New York Bank

… Insane Video

7/13/2017 2:40 PM PDT


Madness in Times Square … where hundreds of people swarmed Floyd Mayweather as he was walking out of a bank — and the video is pretty nuts.

Floyd was flanked by his massive TMT bodyguards as he left Chase Bank — where he either deposited his $100 million check … or withdrew some cash for the big media event in Brooklyn Thursday night.

(Remember, Conor mocked him for only having $5,000 in his backpack on Wednesday).

Either way, the scene was chaotic — everyone tried to get a shot on their phones — but Floyd ultimately made it to his ride without incident.

Not everyone got out clean though … cops were on the street firing off tickets for illegally parked cars that appeared to be a part of the TMT entourage.

Good thing Floyd’s rich.


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