Food bank food at risk of spoiling due to power outage

by: Jeremy Pierre

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Ten to fifteen thousand pounds of food at the Mid-South Food Bank is at risk of being thrown away if power isn’t restored for part of their building.

The food bank’s Freezer and cooler is being affected by the power outage that has thousands of people still in the dark.

Inside of a huge freezer and cooler at the Mid-South Food Bank is food that Dottie Harness told us is set to be given to at least 150 families and the pantry at Highland Heights United Methodist Church services.

“The frozen meat they can cook and have hot meals at home we won’t have that,” Harness said.

Mid-South Food Bank marketing manager, Andrew Bell told us since Saturday night’s storm, the power to this cooler has been off due to the massive power outage that affected more than 200,000 people.

“There is about ten to fifteen thousand pounds of nutritious food in there,” Bell said.

The Food Bank said no one is going in the freezer in an effort to keep it as cool as possible.

Bell told FOX13 the food inside of the unit is at risk of being lost if power isn’t restored to the facility in a matter of hours.

“Hoping that the power comes back on in the next 24 hours,” Bell said.

“It’ll hit pretty hard a lot of people depend on the food they get,” Harness said.

Bell told FOX13 the food bank services more than 300 pantries across the Mid-South giving at least a million pounds of food to families in need every month.

Harness said if the items in the freezer are lost, families will still be serviced but it will affect the amount that will be given.

“We are all trying to do the best that we can and hopefully we will be able to pass the food forward,” Harness said.

Already the food bank has had to dispose of food that was in one cooler.

Leaders told FOX13 they are in constant contact with MLGW.


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