GoFundMe campaign raises nearly $80K for leftist protesters injured in Charlottesville

A “GoFundMe” online fundraising campaign for “comrades” injured in the violent counter-protests in Charlottesville, Virginia has raised over $79,000 so far, according to the fund campaign website. 

The trending fundraiser page, which features the traditional red rose symbol of socialists, surpassed its original goal of $25,000 in roughly an hour, and has now raised the overall goal to $100,000. 

“Comrades found themselves the victims of a Nazi terror attack today in Charlottesville, VA. Please donate what you can to pay for medical expenses,” the page says. “Sadly one person has died from the attack.” 

The campaign, started by a Michael Patterson, says the “Anchorage Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) plans on working with Virginia DSA chapters and members to identify those affected by the attack and get them the funds they need.” 

The DSA, the largest socialist group in the nation, shared the fundraiser on its Facebook page following the violent clash between white nationalist protesters and “anti-fascist” counter-protesters in Charlottesville on Saturday.  

DSA was one of several left-wing counter-protest groups in Charlottesville protesting the “Unite the Right” demonstration by white supremacists and white nationalists.