Gorilla Dances to Maniac and Channels Flashdance and Jennifer Lopez

He’s legit got moves, this gorilla!

In 2011, a gorilla named Zola became a viral sensation due to a video of him breakdancing at the Calgary Zoo. Nowadays, he’s chilling at the Dallas Zoo and is still dancing, as seen in a video of him splashing around in a swimming pool enrichment session off habitat, which was posted on the zoo’s YouTube page earlier this week.

Bob Hagh, a video producer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, fixed the clip for them; He redubbed it with Michael Sembello‘s iconic 1983 song “Maniac,” from the movie Flashdance, and posted the improved video on Twitter. Naturally, it’s gone viral.

Zola spins around and waves his arms, channeling moves Jennifer Beal showcased in Flashdance and Jennifer Lopez made in her 2002 music video “I’m Glad,” which recreated dance scenes from the movie.

J.Lo was actually sued for alleged copyright infringement over the clip, one of her hottest and most popular ones, by the real-life dancer who inspired the film. The case was dismissed.


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