How Does The ‘Archer: Dreamland’ Season Finale Set Up Season 9?

Despite having a shorter season than usual, the time has come for us to close the doors to Archer: Dreamland. Season 8 of the #FXX comedy series gave us a different concept (as did Archer: Vice), and fans haven’t been quiet about their reactions to what happened this time around. Note: heavy spoilers follow for Archer Season 8.

Last night gave us the season finale, titled “Auflösung.” The German phrase for “resolution” really is quite fitting for the finale of this shortened season. Although we did get resolution on the Dreamland storyline, there are still some questions regarding the future of Archer as a whole.

What Happened In The ‘Archer: Dreamland’ Finale?

Dreamland started with Archer’s apparent death at the end of Season 7, only to reveal that he survived the gunshot wound and was in a coma. Basically, all of the events in Dreamland are in fact a dream.

In the season premiere, we were brought to 1940s Los Angeles where Archer plays a private detective searching for the person responsible for killing his partner, Woodhouse. In the setup to “Auflösung,” Len Trexler told Archer that his mother killed Woodhouse, but the finale reveals that she was being framed by Trexler. The real murderer and main villain (in typical Archer fashion) is a robotic version of Barry.

Barry follows the team to the Dreamland club where he tries to kill Archer after admitting that he was the one who killed Woodhouse. The rampage is cut short when Krieger unleashes two robotic dogs that kill and partially eat Barry.

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After Krieger’s robot dogs are disposed of, Lana is accidentally killed at the hands of a faulty gun with a hair trigger and dies in Archer’s arms. Archer tries to take the ransom money, only to find out it’s full of German soft-porn magazines that belonged to Cecil.

The season ends with Archer drunkenly talking to Woodhouse’s gravestone. Archer says he wishes that he would have read the envelope full of clues that Woodhouse left behind before he started his vigilante rampage, but what can you do?

Did ‘Archer: Dreamland’ Leave Viewers With Any Burning Questions?

Like we said before, the Dreamland story arc was wrapped up quite well. However, there are some possible questions that we can come up with if you really look into what happened.

One thing that I noticed was when Lana was killed, Archer says this to Poovey in reaction:

“She got shot seven times, and no one could survive that. Not even in a parallel universe!”

We could pass this off nothing more than as Archer trying to emphasize the severity of how excessive Lana’s death was. But considering that we were in a parallel universe with Dreamland, this makes me wonder if it was the show’s creators hinting at events that are happening while Archer is in the coma. In other words, has Lana been killed in real life?

Another question that was brought up was whether we will see Woodhouse again in the future. Although voice actor George Coe has passed away, it is possible that we could see Woodhouse in some capacity, perhaps by archive vocal tracks or animation.

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Why do I think this? Well, Archer’s goodbye to Woodhouse at his gravestone:

“Woodhouse, I’m going to miss the shit out of you. All right, well, see ya. I don’t know, maybe next week, but let’s play it by ear.”

What Does The Finale Mean For Season 9?

It’s a bit difficult to say what the finale of Dreamland means for the ninth season of Archer. I think most viewers expected the finale of Dreamland to bring us back to the “real world” to reveal Archer waking up from the coma (or even dying while in a coma), but we didn’t receive that.

Given the fact that Archer is still in his coma, there’s no telling whether Season 9 will be another parallel universe dream or if we will be brought to the real-life timeline to show the resolution of his character and the rest of the team.

Whatever they choose to do, there are only two seasons left. Show creator Adam Reed previously confirmed that Seasons 9 and 10 will be the last two. He also said both seasons will also just be eight episodes long, so no matter what happens, the story will be fully revealed in just 16 more episodes of Archer.

Were you happy with ‘Archer: Dreamland’?