How I slept through the solar eclipse

The 2017 solar eclipse, this year’s great astronomical event, has gone and passed. I was totally ready for this great event; I had taken off work to ensure that I would have a prime view of this from my own backyard.

Sitting in my recliner lawn chair, holding my highly overpriced eclipse glasses in my right hand and on my left side a nice ice-filled container with a six-pack of my favorite refreshing beverage, I thought I was totally prepared for this event, but I accidentally dozed off and by the time I woke up it was long over. The one can remaining of my six-pack was now warm to the touch after all the ice melted.

Oh well, it is too late now. I’ll just carefully pack away my overpriced eclipse glasses so as not to damage them and just wait until April 2024 for the next solar eclipse to happen in Pennsylvania, that is if I should live so long. In the meantime I will have many of my favorite beverages to help me pass the time until this happens again.

Donald K. Heck