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Amid reports that Child Protective Services has gone to court to determine if Dream Kardashian’s safety is at risk with her parents, we’ve got details on if she could end up in grandma Kris Jenner’s custody.

Uh oh! The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services has allegedly asked for the help of a judge to determine whether or not 10-month-old Dream Kardashian‘s safety is at risk with parents Rob Kardashian, 30 and Blac Chyna, 29, according to a report by TMZ on Sept. 11. The site reports that the investigation had been opened up about alleged drug use by the former exotic dancer prior to the former couple’s split and Chy’s subsequent restraining order against Rob. So how did the couple end up in this mess, and what are the chances Dream could be taken away from her parents?

“Department of Child & Family Services or DCFS and Child Protective Services could get called in this case by almost anyone to do a welfare check on Chyna. If that would happen, the DCFS would likely see that Dream is healthy and well-fed, and that the house is clean and safe and the child would not be going anywhere,” David Pisarra, California family law attorney tells EXCLUSIVELY.
“Neither of Rob or Chyna is going to lose their kid, to a foster care facility in any situation. Even if Chyna was doing lots of drugs, DCFS would take away the kid and give her to the next competent parent. If they determined that Rob was also abusive or not fit to parent for whatever reason, then Dream would go to Kris Jenner, or Kim or whomever was deemed most responsible family member. But that is highly unlikely to happen,” David assures us. See adorable pics of baby Dream by clicking here.

So what would have to happen for Dream to end up in Kris’ custody and be cut off from both of her parents? “For Kris Jenner to gain control of Dream, both Rob and Chyna would have to be proven to be a pretty serious drug addict, alcoholic, negligent parents and it needs to be pretty serious, which doesn’t seem to be the case here,” David tells us.

While Rob and Chyna definitely have their issues with each other, both seem completely happy co-parenting their daughter. They haven’t had any custody issues in between them and each adores sharing photos of Dream on their respective Instagram accounts, and she always looks like the happiest little girl. Clearly this is one child who is deeply loved.

HollywoodLifers, do you think DCFS’ investigation will go anywhere? Do you think Rob and Chyna should be worried that they’re under the microscope?

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