How to make your own solar eclipse pinhole projector

How to make your own solar eclipse…

NEW BERN, Craven County – Don’t have those hard-to-find solar eclipse glasses? You may be able to make something of your own to view Monday’s eclipse.

In the above video, NewsChannel 12’s Nate Belt shows you how to make your own homemade eclipse viewer. You’ll need a small shoe box, a piece of white paper, a small piece of aluminum foil, tape, a pen or marker, a pushpin, scissors and a box cutter or Exacto Knife (be careful when using this item).

Nate explains in the video how to make the eclipse viewer. Below are the instructions you can use to follow along:


1. Cut a rectangular hole at the end of the box. The longer the box, the larger the projected image of the eclipse you’ll see.

2. Cut out a piece of the aluminum foil slightly larger than the rectangular hole. Make sure the foil is completely flat and not crinkled.

3. Tape the foil over the rectangular hole in the box.

4. Use the pin to poke a tiny hole in the center of the foil.

5. Tape the sheet of paper on the inside of the other end of the box.

6. Aim the side of the box with the foil at the sun while looking at the paper inside the box.

7. You should be able to see a circular image of the sun projected onto the paper. You’ll be able to safely see the moon pass in front of the sun on the piece of paper.


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