IDF seals off 10 tunnels under West Bank security fence

The IDF sealed off 10 tunnels under the security barrier in the West Bank near the city of Hebron, after dozens of Palestinians reportedly managed to illegally cross into Israeli territory through the passages over the past few weeks.

Each of the tunnels, which were built to serve as drain pipes, was about 1.5 meters (five feet) in diameter and about 20 meters (65 feet) in length, allowing for people to easily cross through them, Israel Radio reported on Friday.

Last week, at least 100 Palestinians who crossed into Israeli territory via the massive drainage pipes carried out a series of agricultural thefts near Moshav Shekaf, in the Lachish region, stealing dozens of tons of tomatoes and grapes, according to the radio report.

Seventy Palestinians who were suspected of taking part in the theft were eventually tracked down and caught by the IDF and taken in for questioning.