In major shocker, Knicks display competence

The Sacramento Kings hired Scott Perry three months ago and proceeded to have their best run of player acquisition (on paper, at least) in a decade. Perry came in after working with Rob Hennigan in OKC and Orlando. The Magic didn’t fare too well under their watch, but Perry led strong NBA draft work for Sacramento and helped bring in veterans who have Kings fans feeling good about the future.

The Knicks, in desperate want of competence in the front office, liked what they saw. Being the Knicks GM is Perry’s dream job. As such, the Kings let him interview and he got the job. According to Woj, the Kings and Knicks are now just working out compensation.

It’s too late to fix this summer for Perry: Tim Hardaway Jr. and his $71 million contract are definitely walking through that door. But as a first act, it appears the Carmelo Anthony trade talks have been paused as the new front office assesses everything. Odds are Melo still gets traded — especially if he’s already decided to waive the no-trade for certain teams — but it should be deliberative and based on the best return for New York.

Patience, competence, hope: What a change for the New York Knicks!

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