It’s 25 years since the Premier League launched

Alan ShearerA youthful Alan Shearer gets chased by England manager Gareth Southgate in their first ever Premier League match.Getty Images

The Premier League launched 25 years ago today.

Since 1992, the competition has become a glossy, multi-billion pound industry, renowned all over the world, and home to some of the biggest sporting names on the planet.

The league has produced iconic moments, now brandished into football folklore. We’ve seen Dennis Bergkamp pirouette past the Newcastle United defence, heard how Kevin Keegan would “love it” if he beat Manchester United, and witnessed Sir Alex Ferguson build an unmatched legacy.

But the Premier League wasn’t always such slick machine. The league’s 25-year milestone has provoked an outpouring of nostalgia on social media, with people fondly remembering its more humble beginnings.

From Sky Sport’s first Premier League trailer (set to the sound of Simple Minds), to dodgy kits, and retro footballs, here are some amazing memories from the Premier League’s auspicious inception.

This was voted the greatest goal in Premier League history by BBC viewers.

Dennis Bergkamp helped usher in a new era at Arsenal and this goal against Newcastle United in 2002 typified the Dutchman’s control of the football, his movement, and his finishing.