Jennifer Lawrence ‘Horrified’ That People Are Blaming Her For Chris Pratt & Anna Faris’ Split – Hollywood Life

Jennifer Lawrence can’t believe that fans on Twitter are somehow blaming HER for Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’ separation. The actress is ‘sick’ that people think she had something to do with it, we’ve learned EXCLUSIVELY.

The news of seemingly perfect couple Chris Pratt, 38 and Anna Faris‘, 40, split hit their fans hard. We all deal with grief in our own ways, and some fans needed to place the blame somewhere. That’s how Jennifer Lawrence, 26, got dragged into this mess! Rumors swirled around the release of Passengers that she and Chris were allegedly having a torrid affair. That minor mayhem died down fast, but it’s being brought up again in the wake of Chris and Anna’s sad separation. Jennifer’s being blamed left and right on Twitter for allegedly breaking them up, and she’s absolutely mortified by the accusations.

“Jennifer is horrified that people are blaming her for Chris and Anna’s separation,” a source close to Jennifer told EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s heartbroken that they’re splitting up and it makes her sick to her stomach that people think she had anything to do with it. The worst part about the rumors is that she adores Anna. She got to know her really well when she did Passengers with Chris and considers her a friend.”

These accusations are so disrespectful to everyone involved. There’s no evidence or any indication that Jennifer and Chris were having an affair. Chris and Anna also pleaded with their fans to respect their privacy in their statement announcing their separation. These people on Twitter say that they’re fans, but they’re hurting Chris and Anna as much as Jennifer! Chris and Anna said in their statement that they’re still very much in love, disappointed in having to separate, and trying to work things out. Chris hasn’t moved out of the family home yet, we learned from a separate source EXCLUSIVELY, because they’re trying to make it as easy on son Jack Pratt, 4, as possible. Jennifer has no part in this!

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