Joycelyn Savage responds to R. Kelly hostage claims

Joycelyn Savage has had enough.

The 21-year-old is speaking out about her arrangement with R&B singer R. Kelly once more, maintaining that she’s not being held against her will.

Joycelyn told TMZ her father, Timothy Savage, sent her to live with the musician nearly two years ago. She claimed the plan was hatched after she and R. Kelly met at a concert.

The alleged captive’s father reportedly believed moving in with the “Ignition” singer would help her burgeoning music career. Joycelyn told the publication Timothy dropped her off at the home of a friend who would take her to Kelly — a plan she said he was well aware of.

Woman denies that R. Kelly brainwashed her amid parents claims

TMZ’s sources claim that the young woman’s father knew she intended to stay with the controversial artist for some length of time, but didn’t expect it to be a matter of years.

Although she declined to disclose her location to the site out of concern for her safety, Joycelyn said her dad knows exactly where she is. Timothy previously told TMZ she was withholding her whereabouts because she isn’t “allowed” to share that information.

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R. Kelly has been accused of holding women against their will in a cult-like setting inside his Chicago and Atlanta homes.

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The Hollywood hopeful has been outspoken in the face of conflicting reports. On Monday night TMZ published a video of Joycelyn refuting claims she’s caught up in a “cult.”

In addition to denying shocking allegations of misconduct on Kelly’s part, Joycelyn told the site she’s “in a happy place” and is “totally fine.”

Man urges R. Kelly to sue him amid brainwashing claims

“I am not being brainwashed or anything like that,” she assured viewers. “I just want everybody to know, my parents and everybody else in the world, that I am totally fine and happy where I’m at.”

She was asked by a TMZ reporter about other women in the house and whether she was free to come and go as she pleased while living with the 50-year-old recording artist. Joycelyn said she wouldn’t “speak on that.”

Reports of a “cult,” helmed by Kelly, began circulating early this week. Buzzfeed broke the story, reporting that Joycelyn’s parents Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage hadn’t seen their daughter since December 2016.

Jonjelyn, identified only as J. at the time, told reporter Jim DeRogatis the last time she saw Joycelyn she appeared “brainwashed” and “looked like a prisoner.”

R. Kelly shares motivational tweet amid claims he controls women

The story also contained testimony from Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones and Asante McGee, former members of Kelly’s inner circle, who claimed he’d been housing at least six women in his Chicago and Atlanta homes.

Kelly’s ex-confidants claimed he was controlling all aspects of the women’s lives from what they wear, when they use the restroom and what they do sexually.

Mack, Jones and McGee, all of whom told Buzzfeed they’d experienced Kelly’s controlling ways first hand, said the other women living with him range between the ages of 18 and 26.

A 31-year-old had also reportedly been living there, but left. The initial story claimed she was tasked with tutoring the other women about Kelly’s likes in the bedroom.

Kelly’s attorney, Lisa Mensch, denied all allegations against her client in a statement to the Daily News.

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