Judge finds ‘sexist’ behaviour and ‘laddish culture’ at French bank Credit Agricole CIB

A tribunal has noted sexist and unprofessional conduct at French bank Credit Agricole CIB in its final judgement, which ruled against claims of sexual harassment, victimisation and gender discrimination brought by a former employee.

Nadia Moukaideche, an employee at the bank for two years between 2014 and 2016, lost a case of sexual harassment and gender discrimination in January, which she brought against the bank last year.

The full judgement, which has now been published, showed that although employment judge, Joanna Wade did not find in favour of the claimant, she found “unprofessional behaviour did take place” some of which could “rightly be labelled as sexist”.

The judge refuted Ms Moukaideche’s claims that pornagraphic images and videos were shared on the desk between the team, instead finding that Ms Moukaideche’s colleagues were sharing “nudity intermingled with football fixtures” in Whatsapp groups. Such behaviour “may have been unprofessional but not intimidating” the judgement reads.

There was “what you would call a ‘laddish culture’” at the bank, according to the judgement. Of which the whatsapp group was a “symptom”. Although one member of the messaging group, a Alexis Salvaro, said that there was no hard porn shared via a whatsapp group.

Ms Moukaiche complained of “disgusting behaviours such as burping, passing wind, misogynist jokes and remarks about women”. There were also jokes about prostitutes and drugs.