Kansas Jayhawks linked to FBI investigation into NCAA basketball corruption

The Kansas Jayhawks are now being linked to the ongoing FBI investigation into college hoops corruption. However, there’s a bit of a twist in regards to their involvement.

According to The University Daily Kansan, the FBI has documents related to Kansas and its sponsorship with the Adidas apparel company, but cannot release them due to an ongoing legal investigation.

It also must be emphasized that documents do not necessarily mean the school is involved in any wrongdoing.

The presence of documents responsive to the Kansan’s request, filed on Sept. 27, does not necessarily implicate the University in wrongdoing, but appears to contradict what Kansas Athletics officials said after the scandal broke.

This is still bad news for Kansas just to be linked to the ongoing scandal rocking college hoops. To what degree that may be remains a mystery, so it’s far too early to speculate what kind of damage this could cause to one of the blue-bloods of college athletics.

But really, are we surprised the premier Adidas school is involved in a scandal that’s largely involved Adidas thus far?

And we can only hope this does not involve Zion Williamson, who’s already been linked to the Adidas scandal, though it’s more focused on an Adidas rep trying to steer Williamson toward Kansas, ‘the’ Adidas school in college basketball. Williamson also plays for S.C. Supreme, an Adidas-sponsored AAU team.

To this point, we’ve seen Arizona, Auburn, Oklahoma State, Alabama, USC, Miami, Louisville and now Kansas linked to the scandal to some degree. How much each school has been involved still remains to be seen (except for Louisville; they really messed up).

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The full letter can be found at kansan.com.