Kevin Durant’s reaction and Kellyanne Conway’s flash cards get the meme treatment.

Kevin Durant got roasted by Peyton Manning and he wasn’t having it. 

@BulletsForever, the SB Nation blog that covers the Wizards, tweeting about Kevin Durant’s face when Peyton Manning slammed him in an opening monologue at Wednesday night’s ESPYs. Manning joked that Durant –probably wants to join the gold medal-winning U.S. gymnastics team. Durant joining already established winners has been a running joke since the forward left the Thunder last year to sign with the star-studded Warriors, who went on to win the title. Thursday, it was reported that Durant may have been in on the joke:

Kellyanne Conway shares her flash cards with Fox News. 

@danwlin, coming up with alternative facts for the text on Kellyanne Conway’s flashcards. On Wednesday night on Fox News, the White House adviser pulled out the cards to help viewers understand how she sees the Donald Trump Jr./Russia scandal. “What’s the conclusion? Collusion? No,” Conway said. “I see illusion and delusion.” The cards had the words conclusion, collusion, illusion and delusion on them, but social media went crazy turning the image into a meme.

Chance the Rapper wants to save Soundcloud.

@chancetherapper, tweeting Thursday afternoon about streaming website SoundCloud’s shortage of cash. On Wednesday, TechCrunch reported that SoundCloud recently laid off 40 percent of its staff, and those layoffs will only save the company enough money to last about three months longer. SoundCloud has been a key partner in Chance’s career: All of the independent rapper’s mixtapes stream for free on the site.

Kid Rock might be running for Senate. 

@SCPrynne, tweeting about Kid Rock teasing a possible run for Senate in Michigan. The musician tweeted Wednesday confirming that the website is real, and that he has a “major announcement” coming. But the website is just merch —- for now. Kid Rock wrote on his blog Thursday that he really is running, and he has more time to file paperwork with the Federal Election Commission.

Barb gets an Emmy nomination, because the Emmys care about Barb.

@ashleyval1723, reacting to the news that Shannon Purser received a surprise Emmy nomination for outstanding guest actress in a drama series for her role as Barb in “Stranger Things.” Barb was only in a few episodes, but her character was a fan favorite whose untimely death sparked the hashtag #JusticeForBarb. 


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