Kim Kardashian Mexico Photos Bikini Body Shaming KUWTK

All of this information about how Kim was feeling in Mexico puts her tweet-spree during the trip in a whole new light. While most of her social media play-by-play were jokes — “@larsapippen tried to give me a “special” brownie and I threatened to sue her & the chef” — one section of the tweets seems far from funny now. “@JenAtkinHair spiked my Oreo shake to try to get me to not eat it because she’s fat shaming me,” the famously sober celebrity wrote in April. A few minutes later she posted a video of herself enjoying the infamous shake while sporting the “piggy,” as she put it, Snapchat filter. The caption? “#FuckYouJenAtkin.” While beloved family friend and hairstylist Jen never meant any harm, it’s possible Kim actually took the “fat shaming” more seriously than anyone intended, considering what we now know about her state of mind during Kourtney’s birthday getaway. It probably didn’t help Jen literally ripped a bag of Skittles out of Kim’s hand on the plane home, as we saw on Kim’s Snapchat at the time and in KUWTK’s “Milfs” installment last night.