Leslie Jones warns her 1994 self to stay off Twitter in BET Awards sketch

Twitter was not kind Sunday night during Leslie Jones’ first gig as an awards show host — specifically, the BET Awards in Los Angeles. But we thought she had strong moments, including this prerecorded bit where she meets her 1994 self behind a local Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles.

That’s where she used to waitress while she was trying to make it as a comedian and when she appeared on BET’s “Comic View.”  

Jones says she’d sometimes have Roscoe’s customers who would recognize her from “Comic View,” after which she’d acknowledge their praise but quickly follow up with “Breast and wing or leg and a thigh?”

“I used to give away so much chicken,” Jones confessed to the audience. “You always got two extra wings with me, but I always expected a $5 tip.”

As 2017 Jones told 1994 Jones about the future — including the wonders of pot dispensaries and legal weed — she said, “One day you’re going to host the BET Awards.

“The what awards?” her 1994 self asked.

“That’s like the black Oscars,” explained 2017 Jones, who went on to tell her younger self, “You’re in movies now. and you’re on ‘Saturday Night Live.'”

“Ah,” said her 1994 self, “the white people’s ‘In Living Color.'”

Then, in a not-so-veiled reference to social media trolls, the hacking of her Twitter account and the leaking of her personal nude photos, 2017 Jones had some final advice for her 1994 self: “Don’t get on Twitter, and stop taking those naked pictures!”

Watch the sketch here: