London teen sexually assaulted 3 times in an hour, Metro police say

A 17-year-old girl was sexually assaulted three times in an hour by at least three different men, police say, in an incident they describe as “horrific” and “hideous.”

The victim was making her way home from East London to Central London before midnight on Sept. 29 when she was separated from her friends, according to a press release from London Metropolitan Police.

Police say they have tracked the victim’s attacks through a series of security camera recordings which begin around 11:55 p.m., showing the girl being carried down the street. A part of her clothing was found at that first location, according to London police.

A few minutes later, she was seen on camera being followed for several blocks by a different man on a bicycle who eventually approached her and directed her away from the road, police say. The second suspect and the girl appear on camera again and her clothes appear to be “disheveled,” according to police.

Just minutes later, the victim was attacked again, this time by possibly two or three men, according to London Police. Cameras show the third suspect taking the victim between two parked cars where police believe she was sexually assaulted.

After this incident, someone saw the teenager lying on the ground on the same street “in a state of distress” and called the police to help her.

London police have released images of two of the suspects and are asking for the public’s help finding them.

Detective Suzanne Jordan said the crimes are “horrific” and “hideous” attacks on a “young female who was just simply making her way home.”

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“We believe two of the three were very serious sexual assaults indeed, and are determined to catch the persons responsible for these hideous crimes,” she said in a press release.

Police believe the victim might have been drugged and are waiting for toxicology results, according to The Guardian.

Earlier in 2017, London Mayor Sadiq Khan claimed London is “one of the safest cities in the world” – but people on social media are questioning that statement in light of this incident.

“This shows the scale of the problem – three different men in the space of an hour. Values associated with the third world becoming the norm on our streets. Paradise lost!,” one Facebook commenter said.

“And the mayor of London claims that London is the safest city in the world, well go and do your research Mr. Khan,” another commenter wrote.

In July, a 14-year-old girl was raped twice in the same night by two different men in Birmingham, a suburb outside of London, according to The Guardian.