Madonna’s former friend says singer gave away auction items

Material Girl willingly gave up her material possessions, former friend Darlene Lutz claimed in court documents filed Wednesday.

Responding to a temporary court order issued Tuesday that barred the New York-based Gotta Have It! Collectibles auction house from proceeding with its sale, Lutz said that Madonna freely gave away the items, including love letters from Tupac and “personally worn panties.”

“As a result of my close relationship with Plaintiff, I received certain ephemera directly from her,” Lutz said in the court documents.

“I also had a close friendship with several of Plaintiffs family members, during that time, and I received various items directly from them.”

Madonna wins halt to auction of ‘worn panties,’ Tupac letter

The auction also includes “personally worn panties” sent to an ex-boyfriend.

(Court Document)

Referring specifically to the used underwear, Lutz said Madonna’s ex-boyfriend, who whom the undergarments were sent, added them to the auction.

“If Madonna truly wanted privacy, then mailing her lingerie was not the way to go,” she said in the documents.

Lutz also claims that Madonna’s lawsuit stemps from a “personal vendetta.”

Other items up for auction include images from a bachelorette party attended by the “Vogue” singer.

(Court Document)

On Tuesday, the “Vogue” singer filed an affidavit in Manhattan Supreme Court in which she said she learned of the planned auction on July 8 and that she thought the items were still in her possession.

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Of the 120 items up for auction, the temporary restraining order blocked the sale of just 22 of them, which lawyer Brendan O’Rourke described as “highly confidential and embarrassing.”

In her filing, Lutz requested that the restraining order be overturned and Madonna pay for legal fees incurred.

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