Melting Swiss glacier reveals bodies of couple missing since 1942

On Aug. 15, 1942, Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin went on a walk to feed their cows.

They were never heard from again.

Then, last week, a picturesque Swiss landscape was interrupted by a grisly sight as a worker stumbled across boots, bottles and clothing protruding from the ice — and, accompanying them, the bodies of the Dumoulins.

The fate of the Swiss couple, who had left behind seven children, was a mystery until Wednesday morning, when authorities confirmed the identities of the frozen bodies after DNA testing.

Earlier this week, when the identities were not yet confirmed but authorities suspected they were the Dumoulins, Le Matin, a newpaper in Lausanne, Switzerland, spoke to one of the couple’s children about the discovery of the bodies. “We spent our lives searching for them, relentlessly,” said Marceline Udry-Dumoulin, 79. She was just a toddler when her parents disappeared.

“We did not think we could ever give them the funeral they deserved. I must say that after 75 years of waiting, this news calms me deeply,” she said.

Her father, Marcelin, was 40 when he disappeared; her mother, Francine, was 37. They were supposed to return from their walk that night but never made it back. With their parents gone, the children were separated and placed with different families, Udry-Dumoulin said. She went to live with an aunt.

The Dumoulins’ bodies were found on the Tsanfleuron glacier in Switzerland at an altitude of about 8,500 feet.

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A worker for a cable car and ski-lift company, Glacier 3000, found the pair, the BBC reported. The site is not far from the Les Diablerets village and ski resort. 

Including the Dumoulins, six bodies have been found on the glacier since 2012 because of ice melt, according to Stéphane Vouardoux, a spokesman for the Valais cantonal police. Local police keep a database of everyone who has gone missing in the region since 1925.

“There are still about 280 people missing that we haven’t found yet,” Vouardoux told The Post.

Though her parents met a tragic fate, the discovery has given Udry-Dumoulin closure.

“Mom and Dad will finally have their burial,” she told Le Matin.

Bastien Inzaurralde contributed to this report, which was originally published July 18 and has been updated.

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