Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID and Modern Mouse coming soon

Listings for a new Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID and a Microsoft Modern Mouse have hit the Microsoft online store. Both products are listed as coming soon, and a short teaser video for the keyboard was released as well.

As you can see, the Modern Keyboard resembles the Surface Keyboard and has one major difference: a hidden fingerprint scanner. It’s interesting that the fingerprint scanner is underneath a key, although I wouldn’t really call it hidden considering it looks like it has a fingerprint on it. Still, it does look pretty slick with its aluminum frame and the fingerprint scanner seems to fit in well with the rest of the design and layout of the keyboard which can be used wired or wirelessly with Bluetooth. Unfortunately, it seems that the keyboard is only compatible with Windows 10 systems with Bluetooth 4.0+ support.

The Modern Mouse was designed to complement the Modern Keyboard and has a soft silver finish with a metal scroll wheel. The mouse was also designed for precise pointing and features clicking sounds that are “quiet enough to not disturb, distinct enough to hear your control.” Unlike the Modern Keyboard, the Modern Mouse will also work with Windows 8 systems as well as Windows 10 systems with Bluetooth 4.0 functionality.

As previously mentioned, the peripherals are listed as coming soon and the keyboard will set you back $129.99USD while the mouse has an MSRP of $49.99USD.

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