Mike Pence: ‘Resilient,’ ‘Determined’ Donald Trump Pays No Attention To His Critics


Vice President Mike Pence proved he is either the world’s worst judge of character or one of the world’s biggest liars as he described a Donald Trump that not even Sean Hannity, one of Trump’s biggest fans, seemed to recognize.

In an interview on Hannity Friday night, Hannity asked Pence whether the controversies in the White House “get in the way of the ability of the president to do the job he was elected to do.”

Pence’s answer was ludicrous:

PENCE: It’s [sic] absolutely doesn’t get in the way. President Trump is one of the most resilient and determined people I’ve ever met in my life. I mean, he literally gets up every day, facing a gale-force wind of negative coverage in the mainstream press and he just rolls his sleeves up and goes to work for the American people.


While his detractors in the media will continue to come straight at this administration every single day, the president’s focus, I can assure you, is on the American people, on their future, on their challenges, on their opportunities and that’s where it’s gonna stay.

In reality, Trump is so notoriously thinskinned, his own staff tries to keep him too busy to tweet.

Hannity, perhaps unable to recognize this version of Donald Trump, attempted to goad Pence into joining Hannity’s favorite pastime: attacking liberals. Hannity said, “The attacks against [Trump’ s] family have been vicious and vile and if it ever happened, I think, during the Obama years, we would have a very different media reaction.

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If it ever happened, Seanie-Pooh? You may want to forget how you and your colleagues engaged in vicious and vile attacks on Michelle Obama, just like you want to forget your pledge to be waterboarded for charity, but we will not.

Pence was unwilling to be sidetracked from his admiration of Trump. At least for now and in public. Behind the scenes, Pence may be just waiting to stab Trump in the back. In May, Politico reported that Pence took the unusual step of forming his own leadership PAC. Usually, a vice president “would traditionally merge his political operation with the Republican National Committee,” Politico noted.

PENCE: I want to assure all of your viewers, all over the country, that in President Donald Trump, they’ve got someone who has the ability to turn his face like flint against the wind and tune out the detractors and focuses on keeping his promises to the American people. 

Not even Hannity seemed to buy this. He changed the subject to questioning whether Trump can get his agenda done. “I’m concerned that Congress is moving way too slow,” he said.

Watch Pence out-sycophant Hannity below, from the June 2, 2017 Hannity show.