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6 time Jeopardy champ and social media sensation Austin Rogers is from Westchester

Manhattan bartender Austin Rogers is fast gaining cult status for his 8 night performance on “Jeopardy!” amassing a cool $306,900 in prize winnings. But it’s not his smarts that have fans buzzing: The Pound Ridge native’s engaging —  some find  it cloying  — personality, daring wagers and glib responses have captured attention.

But what If Rogers were a Jeopardy! category? We came up with some quirky responses that shed light on the popular champ:

1. Native intelligence for $200

He doesn’t own a television, go figure. Rogers spent his early life growing up on Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, a 5,000-acre county park located in Pound Ridge. Instead of killing off brain cells binge watching early ’90s classics like “Who’s The Boss?” and “Rescue 911” with the rest of the neighborhood pre-teens, the now 38-year-old Rogers says he spent his time playing in the woods and building tree forts.

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2. High school rivalries for $400

He loathes John Jay High School and every student who ever went there. “John Jay sucks,” were his parting words in a telephone interview. Rogers graduated from rival Fox Lane High School which he described as “an elite public high school.”

3. Movie remakes for $600

Will he embrace Ryan Gosling in “Blade Runner 2049?” On his Facebook page, Rogers lists his job as  “Nexus-6 Voight-Kampff Administrator, Level 2” at Tyrell Corporation, which is the name of the company in Ridley Scott’s original “Blade Runner.”

4.  Pronunciation for $800

Is it “sherbet” or “sherbert?” There’s been a raging debate on the correct way to say the word for a fruity, icy dessert. Rogers’ emphatic Twitter response: “IT’S PRONOUNCED SHERBERT YOU ARE WRONG.” Some people just call it sorbert.

5. Sports teams for $1,000

Rogers taped his ‘Jeopardy!’ segments way back in April so he’s not in L.A. people. Sporting a tame hair-cut and close shaven beard, the Manhattan bartender has been out and making the circuit of morning shows and baseball games. Rogers was spotted at Yankee Stadium last week and when someone posted “Ugh, he’s a Yankee fan,”  on Facebook, the lifelong New Yorker fired back, “You’re goddamn right I am!”

7. Final Jeopardy!: Empire States

Rogers, who says he had a very modest upbringing — he had to drop out of NYU because he couldn’t afford it — has big plans. “I realize what an opportunity I’ve been given,” he says. “The money ($306,900 to date) is irrelevant. The opportunity is huge,” he said. “I am working on tying up all the tax implications and creating a sensible investment structure; it will build the foundation for a larger empire!”

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