Norges Bank welcomes new banknotes with quirky video

Some light-hearted news from the Norwegian central bank:

Norges Bank is pulling out all the stops to outdo its Swedish rival in preparing residents for its new banknotes, roping in local comedy trio KLM to let people know the “Cod Kroner” are coming.

The band, in case you don’t speak Norwegian, is pretty excited about the new notes due for release next week, which feature an image of the country’s national fish. It sings:

Run to the fish bank and you can be a millionaire,

Yeah just check out the 200kr note, it’s really awesome.

Norges Bank isn’t planning any major policy shifts any time soon, but the song suggests it’s not too worried about following the rest of Europe with some extraordinary measures:

The cod is our friend, and now it’s suddenly worth 200kr

And if you spend all your money, we will print more non-stop. Everything is tip-top. Yep, hippety hop.

(Translation courtesy of the FT’s Robin Wigglesworth.)


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