Oh, Oreo! 8 things to try when you get Android 8

As Google’s Android 8.0 Oreo release makes its way slowly (okay, very slowly) into the world, you may find yourself facing a puzzling new question: “What now?”

There’s a lot to digest about Oreo, after all, and some of its most interesting additions aren’t immediately obvious. So when you first get the software on your phone, don’t be surprised if you end up staring blankly at your screen and wondering what you should do to take advantage of your newfound upgrade.

Not to worry, though: I’ve got ya covered. First things first, go buy yourself a hefty package of cookies to eat whilst considering these matters. (That’s really just good advice for any day, regardless of whether you’re dealing with an OS release named Oreo or not.)

Once you’re sufficiently snackified, make your way through these eight Android 8.0 high points — the features I think will be among the most meaningful Oreo additions for most Android users.