Overwatch Double XP Weekend Event Coming Up To Conclude Anniversary Event

Looking to play Overwatch this weekend? You will be doubly rewarded. Blizzard announced today that Overwatch is hosting a double XP event June 8-12 on all platforms.

The XP bonus applies to almost every way you can earn XP, including completing matches, winning matches, earning medals, and more. Additionally, it stacks with group and IGR bonuses, but it does not boost your first win of the day bonus–that stays at 1500 XP.

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The double XP event starts June 8 at 5 PM and comes to an end on Monday, June 12, at 11:59 PM PT. You can see how that time converts based on where you live in the image above.

“It’s been an incredible year, and we’re so thankful you were a part of it,” Blizzard said in a blog post announcing the Double XP event.

June 12 is also the last day that Overwatch’s Anniversary event, so, if it has to end, going out with double XP sounds pretty nice.


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