Planning a bank holiday BBQ? You ought to fake it, say food safety watchdogs

Home cooks planning a barbecue over the Bank Holiday should cook meat in the oven first, food safety watchdogs have warned.

The Food Standards Agency warning comes in the wake of recent major food scandals, including a batch of supermarket sausages which allegedly cause hepatitis, and foreign eggs infected with illegal insecticide.

The FSA is also concerned about a trend for pink-in-the-middle burgers, which it warns can make people ill.

It conducted a survey which found 43 per cent of people have been served undercooked meat at a barbecue, which it said potentially contributes to the 1 million cases of food poisoning in the UK every year.

It also found that 61 per cent don’t check there is no pink meat inside meat before eating it.

As such its number one piece of advice for barbecue safety is to fake it by pre-coooking. 

It said: “Consider cooking all chicken and pork in the oven prior to giving it a final ‘finish’ on your barbecue where possible.