Pokemon Go Now Calls Out Pokemon Caught By Cheating

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has taken a hard-line approach to cheating in its popular AR game since the app launched last summer. Now the company has revealed another measure it is beginning to roll out in an effort to curb cheating.

In a post on Reddit, a representative from Niantic revealed that, beginning today, Pokemon caught using unofficial means will be denoted with a mark and “may not behave as expected.” GameSpot reached out and verified the legitimacy of the post, which explained, “Pokemon caught using third-party services that circumvent normal gameplay will appear marked with a slash in the inventory.” According to the representative, this new measure is “one small part of our continued commitment to maintaining the integrity of our community.”

This is only the latest step Niantic has taken to discourage players from using unofficial third-party apps and services to locate Pokemon, which the developer does not permit. When the app first launched last summer, Niantic soft banned players who spoofed their GPS location. More recently, the game would reportedly “shadowban” certain users who were flagged for using third-party tracker apps by hiding rare spawns from them.

This new measure coincides with the latest–and to date biggest–update Niantic has begun rolling out for Pokemon Go. Among the new features the developer has introduced are Raid Battles, which will let players team up with other users to fight powerful Pokemon (potentially including Legendary Pokemon), as well as a new motivation system for Gyms. Additionally, Niantic announced a series of live and in-game events that will be held throughout the summer to commemorate Pokemon Go’s first anniversary.

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