Police investigating reports of active shooter at Harford Community College

Police in Harford County rushed to Harford Community College Saturday afternoon where there is a report of an active shooter, according to monitored police radio broadcasts and the Harford County Volunteer Fire & EMS Association.

The Harford CountybSheriff’s office reported on Twitter: “Media update: No confirmation of active shooter or shots fired at HCC. Please avoid area.”

The Sheriff’s Office received a report of a shooter at the college Saturday afternoon, according to Cristie Kahler, a spokesperson for the agency, who was speaking from a staging area at the Oak Grove Baptist Church parking lot near the college campus.

As of 3 p.m., she said, there had been no confirmation of a shooter or of shots being fired on campus.

“We are going to continue to run this into the ground, talking to witnesses,” Kahler said. “There has been no confirmation of a shooting or shots fired.”

Two ambulances, one from Bel Air and one from Bel Air volunteer fire companies, are standing by in the Oak Grove Baptist Church wearing bulletproof vests.

Parents are parking in the church parking lot, walking to Harford Technical High School and coming back with children. The high school is across the street from the college campus.

Harford Community College put the following announcement on its website home page: “At this time there is an active shooter situation. The location is HSC grounds and fields. AVOID. SHELTER IN PLACE, AVOID LOCATION UNTIL SITUATION IS CONTAINED.”

“HSC” is Harford Sports Complex on the college campus.

Police were using campus security cameras to search the athletic fields, according to monitored police radio broadcasts.

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