Projecting Baron Corbin’s Next Challengers for US Championship on WWE SmackDown

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    A potential reign of dominance for Baron Corbin with the WWE United States Championship has begun.

    Not many people beat AJ Styles in WWE. Even fewer beat him when there’s a major championship on the line.

    But in beating Styles and Tye Dillinger at Hell in a Cell to claim the gold and then emerging through his rematch with Styles with the belt still around his waist, attention may now turn toward who could be next to face The Lone Wolf.

    Luckily for SmackDown Live’s writing team, there are plenty of exciting options to pick from. Here’s a look at the leading contenders. 

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    Though his feud with Rusev is yet to finish completely, there’s little doubting that Randy Orton would benefit from a change of direction right now.

    Becoming increasingly stranded on the SmackDown Live mid-card is not good for Orton or for WWE, who will still value The Viper extremely highly for a number of reasons.

    And if Orton’s role is slowly beginning to transition into one that puts younger talent over, there would be few better contenders for Randy than Baron Corbin and the United States Championship.

    Corbin has already earned some momentum by beating AJ Styles, but he now needs more of those victories to ensure he establishes himself as a genuine top-rung star on the blue brand.

    A feud against Orton, and a successful one at that, would do him some good.

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    It’s not been an explosive transition to the main roster for Tye Dillinger, but slowly, things are starting to fall into place.

    Dillinger impressed during the run, which saw him eventually added to the United States Championship match at Hell in a Cell, and with AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin now seemingly over, would Dillinger be a good fit for the title picture?

    There are certainly worse contenders, that’s for sure.

    The Perfect 10 has all the credentials to go far on SmackDown Live and, if put into a properly booked feud with Corbin, could really elevate both his and Corbin’s standings in the process.

    It’s likely to be a feud that happens early in Corbin’s reign if anything, but it does make sense.

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    Chris Jericho may well be off the radar on SmackDown Live at the minute due to his having some time off, but when he returns to WWE, Y2J vs. Baron Corbin would be a sound fit.

    If Corbin is to be believed as a credible United States Championship holder, he needs to knock off some veterans, as well as some guys who have a bit of momentum behind them.

    Jericho holds both of those credentials to his name.

    The back-and-forth between the two outside the ring would arguably be as interesting as it would be inside it, too.

    If Jericho can replicate the success of his run with the company, which culminated earlier this year in a feud with Corbin, it would represent a great move for both men to work together. 

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    What better way to prove that NXT is indeed a breeding ground for tomorrow’s stars than by having two of the brand’s recent alumni clash for a major championship?

    Sure, Bobby Roode is currently involved in a program with Dolph Ziggler, but expect that to tie up pretty soon.

    And when he’s done with that, some may feel he’s worthy of being thrown straight into SmackDown Live’s main event scene, though that would be a bit rushed.

    So to test him out as a potential main event star on the blue brand, have him deliver a brilliant feud with Baron Corbin for the United States Championship.

    Roode is an excellent babyface, while Corbin thrives as the villainous heel.

    In many ways, they make for the perfect match.


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