Repair Man Locked Inside ATM and Rescued

Working in the ATM business can be dangerous.

From potentially getting robbed when reloading the ATM with money to installing the heavy machine, it’s possible to sustain severe injuries.

However, it’s being reported out of Corpus Christi, Texas, that a repair man accidentally locked himself inside an ATM he was working on. The room located behind the machine that allows workers to repair it was the place where the man was stuck.

Without a cellphone in his pocket or a landline on the wall inside, the man’s only option to get help was to write a note and slip it through the receipt slot. In his note, the man asked someone to please call his boss.

While many police officers in the area thought this was initially a joke, the man was eventually rescued by a team that kicked the door of the room in. It has been confirmed that the repair man was not harmed in this incident.