Flying Creature the Size of a Plane That Could Eat Baby Dinosaurs Discovered in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert

Seventy million years ago, a dragon-like creature ruled the skies above Mongolia. This pterosaur—a member of the order that includes pterodactyl—had a wingspan the size of a small plane, could launch off the ground in seconds, and may have even eaten baby dinosaurs. Imagine a long-beaked monster, tall enough to see eye-to-eye with a giraffe, but flying […]

New great ape species identified in Indonesia

Image copyright Andrew Walmsley Image caption The feeding behaviour and the calls of the newly-discovered species are distinctive Scientists who have been puzzling for years over the genetic “peculiarity” of a tiny population of orangutans in Sumatra have finally concluded that they are a new species to science. The apes in question were only reported […]

Robots to ‘replace humanity’ warns Stephen Hawking

BRAINIAC supremo Stephen Hawking believes robots could replace the human race by replicating and improving themselves. GETTY PREDICTION: Stephen Hawking believes robots will replace humanity The world famous physicist, 75, said artificial intelligence is in danger of surpassing human intelligence and wiping out our species. He believes modern technology proves that we are […]