Shooter in public Sandy killing had ‘relationship’ with slain mother, police say

Patterson, who worked as a body shop manager, had “some type of relationship” with Memorez Rackley, Sandy police Sgt. Jason Nielsen said in a news release. “However the extent of the relationship is still under investigation.”

In a private Instagram post obtained by KUTV, Patterson had written Tuesday morning that he loved Memorez Rackley and lamented that she had kept their relationship a secret.

“After 6 months, I never met her friends, family or kids!!!” he wrote. “I don’t think anyone deserves to be kept a secret.”

What motivated the rampage hours later remained under investigation. But Nielsen said that at 2:30 a.m. Saturday, police had received a call from Memorez Rackley, saying Patterson had harassed her via telephone. She requested that officers talk with Patterson and “ask him to stop contacting her,” which officers did, Nielsen said.

“We owe it to the families to make sure we do this right and we do it accurately,” said Nielsen, adding that the investigation likely would last several days and involve nearly all the department’s detectives.

A fundraising page created for the Rackley family ( indicates that Memorez Rackley — the mother of three boys — was married to Dustin Rackley, 40, who lived in the same home, according to court records.

In a statement issued on behalf of Rackley family members, they asked for privacy.

“Our family is heartbroken by the events of yesterday,” the statement reads. “We are focusing on supporting our injured son in his recovery. We are grateful to the good Samaritan that stopped to help our family and our thoughts are also with their daughter who was injured. At this time we appreciate the prayers of so many.”

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The “good Samaritan” referred to in the statement was a woman, already picking up her own son and daughter on a hot day, who had stopped her SUV to give Rackley and her sons a ride at about 3:45 p.m. Tuesday. It remained unclear what prompted the woman to stop the SUV; police said they had conducted a preliminary interview with her Wednesday, and they planned to conduct more.

The SUV was on Alta Canyon Drive (about 8630 South), near its intersection with Littlecloud Road (2175 East), when Patterson rammed it with his pickup truck. He then got out and fired a handgun an unknown number of times before fatally shooting himself.

The SUV driver was not injured, but her 8-year-old daughter was wounded. She was in serious condition Wednesday at a hospital, Nielsen said.

Canyons School District officials confirmed Wednesday that the Rackley boys involved in the shooting were students at Brookwood Elementary School, Jase in kindergarten and Myles a fifth-grader.

The Rackley home is less than a mile from the school, court records show, and just around the corner from where the shooting occurred.

Memorez Rackley had worked as a Zions Bank vice president and mortgage lender from 2004 until her departure earlier this year, a company spokeswoman said. She had more recently been unemployed, the fundraiser said.

Jeff White has known the woman’s husband, Dustin Rackley, since grade school and has been close with the Rackley family for 30 years.

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